3 thoughts on “Truth Mirroring A Fiction

  1. I’m soooooo shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump is to??/??/??/?!!!!!!!!!!
    And all our Media???????? And the entirety of the government of the country, federal state and local ?????????????????????????? Time for the wrath of God to come down and destroy their Great Babylon destroying and stamping in pieces every human culture on the earth. They claim they are ‘ chosen..’ and they are, but not by God, the Light but of the G-D, the Darkness. Christ shown in’s world and it, lacking any Love precieved Him not, just as John declared..

    1. It’s coming…hold your horses (and I don’t mean the Four of them)….it’s coming. But it may come to America before it hits the Synagogue of Satan aka Talmudic Israel.

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