0 thoughts on “TruthsquadTV Special Report: Occupy Wall Street

  1. Anarchists, Communists, and Libertarians? How about Fed Up Americans? Like I said, I have no doubt that something nasty will happen…and it won’t be caused by the protesters. Here we go folks, it’s coming…Let’s see how they try to spin it.

  2. Look at those arrogant idiots so used to ruling us and thinkining they’re so smart.Game is up.We may well finish that glass of champagne.

    1. Just look at those arrogant SOB’s on the balcony, sipping their bubbly and looking down their noses at the common citizens who have had enough of their bullshit. Let them eat cake, huh ? I guess they forgot what happened to Marie Antoinette. Well, their little party is just about over !

      1. martial law is here look how they manhandle these people i wish i knew this was going on or i would be there. there worried now abought mass rioting this nothing compared to what’s coming this is just the start of the horror movie hey i dont abought any of you maybe paranoia on my part if the pharmacy’s ask if you want a flu shot dont do it dont trust it saw a whole conspiracy on this issue back to the riot obama is reaching out to the spanish speaking monkeys i told all of you there practually the only voters they have left in order to keep your green card they by law have to vote or get deported americans mean nothing

        1. From the sound of things, the protesters aren’t planning on going any where any time soon. We’ll see how much longer it will be before things get really ugly with the cops. These are peaceful people. They won’t be the ones starting it. (Check out the “In The News” section- “Occupy Wall Street Protest- Five Arrested on Day Three”)

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