Class Warfare and the Poor Rich

Well we are back to class warfare again.  The rich are coming forth in the mainstream propaganda they own and baring their souls in conveying how being taxed might hurt them.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not for any more taxation, as what is needed is to recover our 30 trillion stolen dollars.  Really, that would be a plenty to fix everything.

Anyway, I saw one fellow on MSNBC; I believe he is a Republicrat Congressman though I did not catch his name.  He said his business is bringing in a measly $6 million per year and after he pays all his overhead and “feeds his family” all he has left over to do anything in the world he wants to with is a mere $400,000.

I found myself down on the floor crying as I was truly hurting for this man.  To think $400,000 was all the disposable profit he was going to have this year.  How can these people be expected to live on so little?  Surely he and family could qualify for food stamps, right?  I hope at least his housing and transportation are paid for without him having to dip into his $400,000.  I kept expecting him to tell me where I could send money to help him at least provide some kind of Christmas for his children.

I had just recovered from the shock of hearing of the plight of this poor man when another desperate gentleman came on FOX News.  It was one Representative Buck McKeon, (R-CA) Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and I would like to personally apologize to Mr. McKeon right now for all the complaining I have been doing in reference to not having any money to pay my bills.  I swear I didn’t realize that our military was doing without so much.

Do you realize they actually had to cut $465 billion from their budget and that there are scores of badly needed items, like new bombers that they need to procure, and they just do not have the money to get them?  I feel so petty for bitching about not having a job at the same time our military needs more.  I thought Mr. McKeon was going to break down in tears when he said, “We may have to institute a draft because people are going to quit volunteering because military pensions are going to have to be cut in order to preserve the institution.”

Well enough of this sarcastic whine.   To that first guy I say, “Get the hell out of our government.  If you are making $6 million per year with $400,000 left as disposable income, you sure as hell don’t represent me.  And believe it or not you self-centered son of a bitch, my family likes to eat too.”

As for this treasonous, piece of shit, butt sucker for the industrial war complex, why don’t you go take back that $2 trillion Dick Cheney and his buddies at Halliburton stole from the monies we sent to Iraq?

Who in the hell do these people think they are crying to?  The $400,000 of this scum bag’s disposable income represents eight $50,000 per year jobs for those working in the lower middle class.  But eight times their gross income isn’t enough for this gluttonous son of a bitch.  And this sleazebag war pig wants to threaten us with drafting our children if we refuse to finance the corporate invasions around the world.

Both of you can go to hell and we are not impressed with your whining or your threats.  There are 40 million of us out here, chomping at the bit to settle your hash once and for all.  In short, shut your mouths, shove your threats, and if you don’t like it, step up.

We are going to vote Ron Paul into office and the stealing is going to stop and our military is coming home to drive the illegals out of our country.  And whether you like it or not, we are your boss and you will do as we tell you and keep your mouth shut or you will not only be fired, but will find  your sorry asses on a deportation barge headed for Somalia.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The first guy you mentioned name is Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana. And he is your typical dirt bag. What he is lying about is the fact that he puts millions in tax free savings before he gives his family his lousy $450,000 for food as he put it. This guy is the epitome of untruth and is what is wrong with Congress. A bunch of none truthful, self serving tax cheats. This clown is worth 16 million dollars. From 2008 and 2009 his net worth shot from 11 million to 16 million. WOW! I wonder how that happened?

    1. Thanks Mark for the name, here is the video.
      Clearly this man understands the plight of the long term unemployed. If we had $400,000 in disposable income we could be one of him.

      1. I got news for John Fleming, the self-centered son of a bitch from Louisiana. Catering to the rich doesn’t create jobs! It sends more and more of America’s wealth overseas. The rich don’t give a damn about creating jobs for the American people, they only care about creating more profits for themselves. Anyone who voted that idiot into office should join him in a slow painful death!

  2. Aw, poor baby…only $450,000 to feed his family…my heart’s just breaking for him.
    Give me a break! What the Heck are they eating? That’s Obscene!

    1. Angel-

      GW bridge just went to $12.00 from $8.00. Isn’t that just dandy? These clowns are making well over 4 million dollars a day in bridge fares? What the hell is New York doing with the money?

      1. Yes, that happened the other day. Wish I could tell you what Bloomberg is doing with the money. It certainly isn’t going in to the transit system or repairing pot holes. I heard that the higher tolls are going toward paying for Ground Zero. Needless to say, commuters are Not happy. I see a lot of money being spent on useless, unnecessary things like demolishing and rebuilding perfectly good parks (among others, Washington Sq. Park was rebuilt so that the fountain is now centered through the Arch when you come down 5th Avenue), replacing Street lights with more retro looking lights, changing Street signs because of the lettering, building pedestrian walks and parks in the middle of intersections and on major Avenues (great for traffic and all non-smoking, I might add), campaigns to force people to stop smoking outside or even in their own homes and ban drinks with sugar, and the list goes on and on.

        1. Hell, it cost $2.00 (probably more) just to walk across. How do you guys do it? It must cost a bloody fortune to live in that damn city.

  3. after reading this im in tears im so upset i just crapped my pants only 450.000 how big is his family all that filet mignon lobster caviar man i feel really guilty on my 200.00 dollar a month foodstamp card i get to eat ramen noodles peanut butter and jelly and i treat myself to a snapple once in a while i would wipe the tears off the keyboard but i cant buy tissue or toilet paper and i just crapped my pants hey mr. fleming i will trade you a peanut butter sanwich for a roll of scott tissue

  4. That obscene wealth was and is all stolen from you and me.Our parents,children and on and on.Fiat currency is the tool of central banks.It is an easily understandable yet escoteric scheme.The banks and their co-conspiritorial pals in industry ,politics and military need this system to impoverish,dominate and enslave us globally.Gold is money.We shall someday soon be in control of the printing of our own currency.I wonder if Rockefeller lawyers will then take “dollars” to defend their clients?

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