Turn Your Back This Fourth of July

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In a few days, we will all have an opportunity to peacefully inflict a major psychological blow on the rapidly coalescing police state by the simple but powerful act of refusing to play along with the absurd pantomime on the 4th of July that we live in an even nominally free country – one with the rule of law, an operative Constitution and respect for individual rights. One that isn’t a thugocracy.

We can turn our backs on the flag. Decline to participate when urged to cheer and sing.  

No fireworks. No barbeques.

We can sit down – and bow our heads.

We can mention the unmentionable: That there is no longer anymeaningful limit to the power of the government over our lives. No line beyond which it may not tread. That it lies, spies and tyrannizes.

We can admit to ourselves the shoddy – and frightening – reality bubbling up all around us.

By so doing, we can shatter the illusion that this government operates with anything remotely approximating our consent. This is absolutely essential. The 4th of July pantomime requires that we deny the obvious – that we instead pretend we’re free people living in a free country; one in which the government is accountable to the people, one in which the government is limited by law. One in which people can’t simply be dragooned into prisons without due process, held incommunicado, tortured. A country with a president who doesn’t have kill lists – or use the instruments of state power to punish and intimidate his political opponents. One in which citizens must be suspected of a crime before their personal correspondence is filched through and recorded for later use against them. One in which a traveler is free from arbitrary and random searches of his person and effects.

back turnedOne in which the attorney general of the United States isn’t able to get away with providing guns to gangs or brazenly lie about his use of the power of his office to go after political “enemies” rather than pursue justice.

All these things are everyday realities. And the reality is that the America we once celebrated on the Fourth of July is gone, replaced by something dark and ominous.

It is painfully obvious – so why pretend otherwise?

More to the point, why should we celebrate this ugly transformation?

Mourning is what’s called for.

If we decline to play along – and we still have this option, for the moment – we can shatter the idea that all of the foregoing loathsomeness is done with our approval. We can redefine the relationship between ourselves and the government in an honest way. No more pretending we’re free. No more pretending we’re protected by the rule of law – and not ruled over by a thug caste – a mafia – that does literally whatever it wants, to anyone, at any time – without any real consequences whatsoever. None of this requires elaboration. Everyone knows it to be true. The Constitution is no longer even payed lip service to. It is a sick joke.

We are in the position of a battered spouse who is expected to rouge her bruises and tell her friends that – whoops! – she fell down the stairs. But hubby is a swell guy.

beaten wife

I say, to hell with that.

I say, let’s not give them the cover they still apparently crave. I say, let’sout them – by openly displaying our bruises and no longer denying how we got them. Let the world see the true nature of the relationship between us and those who rule us.

China had its Tiananmen Moment – when one brave man stood up to a column of tanks and changed history by the simple act of refusing to play along. By peacefully forcing the thugocracy’s hand. It faced a hard choice: Either it could either run that man down in full view of live TV, crush him under the treads of a T-72 and thereby give real-life and incontrovertible evidence of the true nature of the relationship of the Chinese government vis-a-vis the average Chinese. Or it could back down – and thereby be compelled to alter the relationship in a way at least somewhat more favorable to the average Chinese.

4th final

We have a similar opportunity coming up. A chance to confront the police state by refusing to pretend it’s not a police state. By coming to grips with what it is.

And what it is is nothing to celebrate.

I urge you to join me this July 4th in turning your back on the flag – on all grotesque homilies to a country that no longer exists, because of the government which does exist – and which desperately wants us to keep on playing patty cake and pretending that it doesn’t.

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8 thoughts on “Turn Your Back This Fourth of July

  1. The upside down flag is a recognized signal of distress. While I agree the US is indeed in distress, perhaps the upside down display is better reserved for boating. Perhaps a new way of expressing a country going the wrong way, or needs turning around would be to fly it reversed, that is, switched horizontally attached to the pole along the stripes side with the star field hanging free.
    Only when the republic has been restored, will the flag be reversed.

    One way to wave the flag and lodge a protest at the same time this 4th.

    LF – The Second Founding Society

  2. Logan Fyfe
    That is a great idea and even more in tune with what is happening in this country. There is for sure nothing to cheer about now with the police state they have surrounded all of us with. Shelter in place my ass,its called marshal law you fools! The tree of liberty needs a long hard drink and the traitors that have done this and that are participating in this need to be brought to justice,not ju$tice!

  3. Don’t worry, the illegal immigrants with our social security and food stamps will make up for it by buying all of the fireworks possible and setting them off while saying, “THIS IS THE FREEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD BECAUSE OBAMA GAVE ME AMNESTY!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!”

    I say we turn them all into pinatas and beat the shit out of them all the way back to the border. But that’s just me.

      1. Well, of course, Digs. That’s why we hang them by their arms inside the back of a semi-tractor trailer and have some of WE THE PEOPLE beat the shit out of the illegal immigrants from inside as the driver drives them back to Mexico with his music on playing the song, “Na, na, na, na,…NA, NA, NA, NA!!…Hey, hey, hey…Goodbye!!…..”.

        Do I really have to go into every little detail, Digs? lol

  4. All stamps I put on mail are placed upside-down with a red arrow pointing at it & a sorry face over the arrow shaft….A lights out & tv off at 10:00pm the forth would boycott all broadcast Independence Day fireworks & lies by the Elitist owned media–Good job & continue to fight for Freedom, Liberty & Truth

  5. Once again the sheeple will get sh#tfaced and celebrate their ‘independence’.

    Never realizing, of course, that the only independence they have left to celebrate is from sanity.

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