Man Under Police Investigation After Shooting Home Invader Who Assaulted His Son

Mr. Conservative – by Warner Todd Huston

Once again California leads the nation in taking away rights from citizens and backing up those of lawbreakers by prosecuting a man who killed an intruder inside his home. The home invader was attacking his son when the apartment renter fired several deadly shots at the intruder. Now, police say it was murder and not justifiable homicide.  

The incident occurred at 3 AM at an apartment complex in Ontario, California. Thomas Gilbert Manzano, 24, was illegally squatting in an open apartment in the complex and, it is claimed, got lost when returning to the stolen space. He ended up pounding on the door of man who remains unidentified to protect his safety.

The neighboring apartment renter told Manzano to go away but the young man was drunk and belligerent. After being shooed away he broke into the bed room of the renter’s apartment and began to attack the renter’s son who was sleeping there.

The renter grabbed his gun, ran to his son’s bedroom where the intruder was attacking and fired the three shots that killed Manzano.

In a sane state, the shooting would be immediately pronounced justified. Manzano had broken into another person’s home and began to physically assault the residents there. Accompanying some stories in the California media a photo that looks like a police mugshot has been included, so it is likely that Manzano has a criminal history.

But California is not America, apparently. It is the attacked renter that is now under suspicion of “murder” with cops claiming that the shooting was unjustified.

Naturally, the news took up the side of the family of the attacker with one self-interested family member saying that just having a registered gun doesn’t give a person a license to kill. Well, here is an idea, breaking into someone’s home in the middle of the night doesn’t give such a lawbreaker the right to expect he should be able to remain on the green side of the grass, either?

Remember, this guy was already breaking the law by illegally squatting in a vacant apartment.

Meanwhile, you should learn a bit about the Castle Doctrine and find out if your state has the sort of laws that will protect you instead of protecting the criminals.

So, what do you think. Is this justifiable homicide?

6 thoughts on “Man Under Police Investigation After Shooting Home Invader Who Assaulted His Son

    1. Heck yea Angel. This is the deffinition of justifyable. Too bad the guy didn`t have a good old trained protection dog there. I`d let the dog chew on the guy a little before I would shoot the intruder..

  1. Ok I do not think he should be charged with murder but I also do not think that he had to kill the intruder based on what I have read. If there were more details such as the home owner ordered the intruder to stop what he was doing, let the intruder know that he was armed and would shoot if he did not cease his attack… He could have fired a warning shot and/or wounded the intruder. That being said I would probably kill anyone attacking my child in my own home, I would like to think I would be rational and not shoot him but in the heat of the moment who knows. I find that the police are such unbelievable hypocrites, they would have unloaded 2 to 3 magazines into the intruder and then start beating him after they ran out of ammo. If he was still alive somehow, they would handcuff him and prevent any medical assistance from getting to him till be bled out. Most loss of life is a shame although there are some, in particular those in the white house or that cancerous little country israhell that need wiping out for the sake of all life on Earth. I suspect this intruder may have had family in law enforcement or part of the ruling class to warrant this reaction. God bless us all and may we defeat this zio mafia and their puppets!

  2. moments notice reaction if dad was awakened by the break in or maybe he was already awake.
    can’t say for sure what i would have done in that situation to protect my son or daughter. plus, i wasn’t there.
    some people can react with more restraint than others.
    this story is sad for all involved.
    shared responsibility.
    unfortunately, the rulers who make the rules are the cause for so much of the suffering we are seeing.
    more reasons to disarm the citizens using what i would assume are mexicans.
    he could be of indian descent for all i know.
    so for those who try and pull the racist card don’t bother because in my next post you’ll be eating crow.
    diversion, division, and job security.

  3. Had he been an off-duty cop, or a ‘politician’, the case would have been rubber-stamped ‘justifiable homicide’.

    End of story.

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