Twitter Goes Into Meltdown After Discovering Account That ‘Predicted’ Paris Attacks

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A Twitter account that seemingly ‘predicted’ the Paris terror attacks has made some people believe the whole thing was a conspiracy.

The @PZBooks account sent out a tweet on November 11 – two days before terrorists launched their deadly rampage across the French capital – that referenced the attacks and detailed how many had been killed.  

It read: “BREAKING: Death toll from Paris terror attack rises to at least 120 with 270 others injured.”

Some people were understandably confused about the tweet:

It is understandably confusing, with some people demanding answers from both Twitter and world governments.’

However, there is actually a simple explanation – the @PZBooks account is a spambot that creates randomly generated headlines using phrases and words tweeted out from the @PZF account.

In this case it merged a headline from January about the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris with figures from a Nigerian Mosque attack in November last year:

The result is undeniably coincidental – but it seems to be nothing more than that.

Twitter has now removed the @PZBooks account.


8 thoughts on “Twitter Goes Into Meltdown After Discovering Account That ‘Predicted’ Paris Attacks

  1. This is BS. There were a few twits that predicted this, and this story was invented to hide that fact.

    We also have reports of an early warning for “the chosen”, just as we saw on 9-11, when they used Odigo messenger service to forewarn warn Jews. (Odigo caters to the Jewish community)

  2. Taking the suggested daily allowance of ‘healthy skepticism’ goes a long way towards maintaining a balanced diet of BS.

  3. WT FLAMING F#@KING HELL? This is the dumbest, latest, mother Fing crap that I -have-ever heard!!! “There is a simple, but completely implausible explanation, it was aliens.”. Give me a Fing break.

  4. In the war on terror, we are fighting principalities, not humans. And, the muslims do not have a monopoly on that. The west has more than it’s fair share.

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