Two More States Added To Jade Helm 15 Exercises – Will Include ‘Surgical Strikes’ And ‘Extractions’

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With Jade Helm 15 having gone viral across the internet, US Army Special Operations Command is having to push back against ‘alarmists claims’ that we’re actually witnessing ‘martial law-style’ drills according to Stars and Stripes while 2 more states, Florida and Mississippi, have added exercises to their states that will include ‘surgical strikes’ and ‘extractions’ according to a news conference addressing Jade Helm 15 included in the 1st video below for you to hear for yourself. Interestingly enough, the US military is unable to view websites reporting on Jade Helm 15 due to their sophisticated firewall which prevents them from accessing ‘truth’ websites. From the Stars and Stripes story:  

Officials at USASOCM were not able to immediately verify the authenticity of the (Jade Helm 15) slide show because their computer firewalls prevented them from accessing the websites where the document appeared.

When Jade Helm 15 originally broke on the internet, government trolls and the uninformed immediate pounced all over the comment sections of websites reporting the story, calling it false, made-up, fiction, and videographer Lorri Anderson addresses the trolls in the video below, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Jade Helm 15 exercises are ‘real’ via the words of Jade Helm Operations Planner Thomas Meade who tells us himself that additional operations will be held in Florida and Mississippi in addition to the other 7 states previously reported. You can also listen to the entire news conference here in addition to the video below.

Many questions surround Jade Helm 15 such as, why would Texas be listed as ‘hostile’? One answer for that being only 2 years ago,over 125,000 people petitioned the White House requesting that Texas be allowed to peacefully secede from the US, a petition that was unsuccessful. Why are these exercises only being held at night? According to a trusted ANP source, when such exercises lose the element of surprise, they must be modified or scrapped all together. With nuclear war potentially in our immediate future, why is there no preparation for that while the stealthy focus of the Obama administration is on American gun owners with NO RAIDS upon KNOWN terrorist training camps in the US? With Christians now being targetted for slaughter worldwide, why is there no outcry from either the White House nor this same military against that targetted slaughter? While the question ‘what is mastering the human domain’ has continually popped up, one look at this document from the US Army War College’s ‘Civilian Research Project’ answers many questions; you can see the document in its’ entirety embedded below video. Directly from page 16 of the document:

As LTG Keith Walker notes, “the rising velocity of human interaction through the internet and social media makes influencing human behavior the centerpiece of military strategy.”

He further opines that, “the human is absent in our current doctrine, period. We don’t talk about it.” And questions, “do we have a gap in our strategic thinking?”

Comments like these from LTG Walker are welcoming for rethinking Army capabilities and is often a catalyst for change. General Robert W. Cone, the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command commented, “The central figure of the last 10 years of war is the importance of the human domain. We paid to learn the language, culture, tribes and fidelity in terms of network targeting… we must put in place structural imperatives so that we learn those lessons and add them to our doctrine.”

After a brief 2 minute 40 second introduction which includes words of warning and wisdom from former US President Ronald Reagan, the meat of this video begins and shifts to the recorded news conference about Jade Helm 15 beginning at the 12 minute mark that continues for the next 15 minutes. This includes news of Jade Helm 15 drills in Florida and Mississippi  as well as news on ‘surgical strikes and extractions’. While there is a slight echo heard during the news conference portion in this video, you can hear the entire press conference here without that minor distraction. While the 2nd video below tells us how new countries gain independence, the 3rd video shares more on Jade Helm 15 from retired US Military Colonel Roy Potter and the exercises’ ties to the synagogue of Satan while in the 4th video below from Infowars we’re asked, will our state be the NEXT state taken over?

See videos here:

3 thoughts on “Two More States Added To Jade Helm 15 Exercises – Will Include ‘Surgical Strikes’ And ‘Extractions’

  1. “…Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California and Nevada.”

    Yep. If it’s a ‘bad list’, odds are excellent that Crazifornia’s on it.

    Leave Oregon out of this one, commie scum! 👿

    1. Commiefornia has already been taken over. Don’t know why they need to have a drill for it there. Kind of a waste of time for them.

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