Two shot dead at Rio Olympic sites

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Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – Police shot a mugger near the stadium where the Rio Olympics opening ceremony took place and a woman was killed close to another Olympic site, police said Saturday.

The violence on Friday highlighted the task facing an unprecedented force of 85,000 soldiers and police deployed to secure the Olympics.  

Rio police said in a statement that a man was mugging people near the Maracana stadium when he was intercepted by one of the police officers sent from another area of Brazil to Rio as part of the huge reinforcements.

“The man was carrying out assaults when a military police officer… shot him,” the statement said.

Hours earlier, an architect was killed while driving by one of the main entrances to the Olympic Boulevard, a redeveloped port area that now hosts the Olympic flame and has become a major tourist attraction.

The woman, 51, was attacked by three armed muggers, police said. She tried to flee and was shot in the head.

The main focus of security is Rio, a city where drug traffickers control large parts of poor neighborhoods.

However, the deployment of troops and police — double the number used at the 2012 London Games — also includes the cities of Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Salvador and Sao Paulo, where football matches are being played.–oly.html

One thought on “Two shot dead at Rio Olympic sites

  1. Another example of the farcical theater being played out on the world stage. While the western world is circling the drain we are given bread and circus. The stench that emanates from what passes as media is the harbinger of the near putrefaction of our society courtesy of the beast system that we all currently labor under. May God have mercy on us all,,, Im not sure that I would.
    a sinner.

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