UFO Piloted by Bigfoot Spotted over Wood River, Chiloquin


Photograph taken will all permissions required from Don Gentry, Governor of Chiloquin, CEO and Chief of the Klamath Tribal Corporation.

16 thoughts on “UFO Piloted by Bigfoot Spotted over Wood River, Chiloquin

  1. Hanging with Sasquatch.
    I guess the royalties from the Jacks links beef jerky commercials ran out.
    Had to find another day gig.
    I wonder if ufos have better medical and pension plans..?

  2. Damn, there is a bigfoot in the right lower middle section of the photo that lends it reason for further inquiry. We’ll never be able to fully explain it, there’s stuff “out there” we can’t explain with our pea brains. On top of that, the otherworldly lights are eerie. And what is that dog turd falling from the sky? Very strange indeed.

    Very interesting, no doubt. Unexplainable? Yep.

  3. It looks to have come from the left going to right and traveled in front of tree nearest left and from behind trees left of there. As for bigfoot?hhmmm don’t see a connection. Upon close examination of object, it looks to be a chunk of chard wood and could have been thrown by bigfoot? Other than that, one can only speculate.

  4. There looks to be a large plate of glass separating the cameraman from the trees as there seems to be smudges of dirt in the sky and it looks like a small lake is also reflected on the glass. This technique is commonly used in old movies also.

  5. help me out here. the black thing in sky is ufo? i dont see bigfoot, only green filtered looking unclear area, w a bright yellow sun in background. What is the green foggy stuff? Which part do i look for bigfoot in? Im sorry im lame just asking, thank you Henry.

    1. Henry, im late thanking you as i dont automatically get your posts from here or the answers, so thanks will do so just to see what you all are talking about 🙂

  6. Quite clever Henry, a small log sticking out of the water. But still did not see bigfoot or a big foot, small foot or any feet at all. lol

  7. Is that the actual spaceship, or are they just jettisoning their sewage in that photo?

    Nothing like a bigfoot sighting to boost Chiliquin’s local economy. Within a week there will be a hundred bigfoot hunters spending big money in the local stores.

    That’s kept the town of Loch Ness afloat for decades, and no one there does a stitch of work.

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