Ukraine Crisis: Pentagon Says Russian Jets Violated Airspace, Impose Sanctions

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WEB Notes: “Germany’s foreign minister warned time was running out to end the “madness” in Ukraine, where tensions are soaring in what Kiev says is a Russian bid to trigger a “third world war“.” – Telegraph, “Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister said Friday he fears an imminent Russian invasion. “We have the information we are in danger,” Danylo Lubkivsky told reporters at the United Nations.” – AP. This situation is escalating quickly, we will recall a similar escalation of events that had WWIII talk swirling just months ago with the situation in Syria when the entire world was on edge. Stay cool and calm, keep that door of prayer open to your Father, everything will be fine. (Psalms 27: “Whom Shall I Fear?“)  

(Source: BBC) – he US says Russian military aircraft have entered Ukrainian airspace on several occasions, amid rising tension in the east of the country.

A Pentagon spokesman called on Russia to “de-escalate the situation”.

The statement came as the G7 group of industrialised countries agreed on Saturday to “swiftly” impose fresh sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.

Meanwhile, talks are under way to secure the release of international observers seized by separatists.

Russia has tens of thousands of troops deployed along its side of the border with Ukraine as pro-Moscow separatists continue to occupy official buildings in a dozen eastern towns, defying the government in Kiev.

‘Dangerously destabilising’  
Russia has accused the West of wanting to “seize” Ukraine.

In a statement on Friday, Pentagon spokesman Col Steven Warren said Russian aircraft had entered Ukrainian airspace several times in the past 24 hours.

He gave no further details, but called on Moscow to take “immediate steps to de-escalate the situation”.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel earlier described Russian activity along the Ukrainian border as “dangerously destabilising” and “very provocative”.

Last week, Ukraine and Russia struck an agreement in Geneva calling for separatists to leave official premises and give up their arms. The pact included an amnesty for those who left peacefully.

But so far pro-Russian activists have refused to give in to the demands.

A joint statement from the G7 said Russia had taken “no concrete actions in support of the Geneva accord”.

“We have now agreed that we will move swiftly to impose additional sanctions on Russia,” the statement said. – Full Read: BBC: Ukraine crisis: Pentagon says Russian jets violated airspace

U.S., EU seen imposing sanctions on Russia on Monday – sources

According to Reuters the United States and the European Union will impose sanctions against Russia on Monday. Once again, a move to escalate the situation, not a move of calm and peace.

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  1. Ukraine is their strongest and most viable bid yet to start WWlll. They appear determined to keep the pressure building and tensions high on this one.

    They’re insane, of course.

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