6 thoughts on “Ultra-Orthodox Jews clash with cops over military draft

    1. Actually the Orthodox (read: Talmudlic) Jews DO NOT THINK our young “goyim” are good enough to die for them–which is why they want us to die for them! (Especially the Christian ones!)

  1. some of the orthodox sects dont even believe in the present state of israel and protest the government. so these guys are kinda like the hippies in the 70’s…..

    but i have one question….why do some of those guys have bags on their hats? i don’t see rain or wet streets. were they expecting water cannons? if they were, why wear hats at all?
    or is there something about wearing bags on their heads? ever notice that pictures of the israeli soldiers have some kind of bags on their helmets?
    why do they do that? is this related?
    anyone know the answer to this?

  2. And these @ssclowns consider themselves SUPERIOR to us???


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