UN Agenda 21 Goals Alarming to Communities Where Being Implemented

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The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) is a federal partnership program between HUD, the DOT and the EPA. The program, which is being implemented all across America, will enable any one of these agencies to mandate changes to a town’s local land use planning and zoning ordinances. From Patriot’s Billboard

Those that are pushing this agenda are doing so by making it seem innocuous in the beginning but based on the over 700 hours of research that concerned New Hampshire (NH) citizens Ken Eyring and Eileen Mishimo have done on primary documents, the agenda results in a virtual takeover of local communities by land use and zoning changes and collected demographic studies that are then used in lawsuits when Federal “standards” are broached by local communities (i.e., how local towns give up their sovereignty via “Federal money with invisible strings attached” and “strung up” by their own efforts to comply with ensnaring federal regulations and mandates).  

NEW HAMPSHIRE: What is this “Granite State Future” anyway?

Summary from Atkinson NH Selectmen meeting re Sustainable Development being implemented in NH, and the alarming fine-print in the Agreement and other documents.

If you want to know more of this in detail, please watch videos Part 1-6:

Background of videos: Brookfield, NH Planning Board heard a presentation by Ken Eyring and Eileen Mishimo on their startling research concerning the Federal Government pushing the Sustainable Communities Initiative called the Granite State Future Plan in New Hampshire.

Part 1: 15:05…What is Sustainable Development?…Sustainable Communities Initiative…carried out in compliance with HUD requirements…told a bottom-up program when in reality it is World Governance…housing analysis and impediments to fair housing (private land ownership)……regional transportation (no private ownership of cars)…water infrastructure plan (public and private water)…environmental plan…economic development plan…climate change plan…community was told there were no mandates but then they discovered…if community didn’t follow they would be sued by Feds…regional equity team ensuring minority and under-served populations (groups of individuals – immigrants, non-English speaking, homeless, disabilities either physical or mental, economically disadvantaged) would have equal housing, voice and income in order to equalize population distribution…contract goes from ‘voluntary’ to ‘legally binding’…

Part 2: 14:55…HUD determines what can and cannot be done and will interpret all gathered data …HUD reviews and selects key personnel…implementing HUD requirements limit local discretion…socioeconomic equality…requires subsidized housing…all housing should be built within 1/2 mile of public transportation and centralized employment…equitable land-use planning includes zoning and master planning for expanded housing choice within a 1/2 mile radius…small town in Arizona tried to back out of the process, especially when HUD wouldn’t let them see all the requirements before they signed, then HUD threatened town with a lawsuit if they didn’t follow through…Westchester, NY was sued for millions because HUD accused them of not following HUD Fair Housing Act; Westchester settled because they couldn’t afford to fight it…HUD kept changing the goal posts and is forcing them to change their zoning laws to desegregate their county according to HUD’s requirements…

Part 3: (…hidden language…misleading information from Planning Commission leaders…a massive distribution of wealth program…lawsuits by Fed if communities don’t comply…reducing miles vehicles travel…social engineering…changing zoning laws to meet HUD Fair Housing Act…power of communication to neutralize opposition…

Part 4: …anticipated barriers include NH’s  strong tradition of individual property rights…30,000 drones flying over USA within 10 years…equity on every level…if communities don’t go along, then planners will do it without them – dividing country into regions…

Part 5:…12:08 NH Health and Social Equity disparities including income, working conditions, environmental, living conditions, zip-code based determinations and equalizing each town’s environmental and social conditions through zoning and requirements on housing, food, transportation…IRS tax-form options for Obama initiative…divorcing your car (no car ownership)…concentrating populations within a 10-minute walk to public transportation…anyone living outside that parameter would pay a greenhouse tax…raising gas taxes…registration tax…penalty fee of up to 5% of price of car for new cars with lower gas mileage than the goal…planned communities with three stories housing apartments, retail on the first floor, mass transit…

Part 6: 12:51…flawed document on Global Warming being used to determine taxes…restricting large areas of land…restrictions on living standards…restricting individual’s right to own property…principles being used are in contradiction to our freedom…water sustainable commission seeing water as in the collective and has a problem with individual water rights and riparian rights on private property…wanting to control all water and water use…no public meetings on issues…belief that people shouldn’t live in rural areas…


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  1. Hey I know, I will build you a FREE GATE to keep the riff-raft out at Sacramento, Executive Airport. We can work out all kind of crup on how to control the gate from the towerz…. anywayz….

    But then you must become a memberz of ICLEI.

    Ya rem how bad the greentards were?

    ICLEI is executive for marching orders which then rip the FABRIC of the LAND.. Forget Hollywood.

    sustainable this, that, this, that, and this . . . . . . and that . . . . . . and this . . . . . .and that . . . (yeah little .mil beat goin there)

    next thing ya know you have death by cop is the HIGH NUMBERS…

    You like marching? this that this that this that this that Sustainable Squad Halt. Disarm.

    Move forward, and create civil war.

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    Parking EXPLOITATION FROM HELL. and did any of you ask me? NO.


    How about the bonds. 325

    Asked me?



    See the court battle, and again, I re-itterate, ask me to do your jury duty. I know what’s right. And not asking anyone, and just elbowing in and doin is wrong, and will be stopped, dismantled, and prevented from ever happening again. But then again, the kings will still have ARCO arena. I mean Power Ballance, I mean Sleep Train Arena. good grief. Truth is, maybe the Kings shouldn’t be here. I seen jerky playing for years. I hear all sports are rigged.
    Why should I trust .gov, when what I see is a disfunctional different reality based in un-remorse-full lying?
    It’s important to answer, can’t be allowed to be,
    ” MC CARTHY V 24″

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