5 thoughts on “United Nations And WEF Signed An Agreement To ‘Accelerate’ Agenda 2030

    1. Biggest reason the criminal psycho elites never accomplish what they set out to do–throughout history for that last 6,000 or so years–is they ALWAYS, ALWAYS, overplay their hand. Being controlled by Satan, they can’t help it I guess….

  1. They love rubbing it in, they love pissing people off. It reminds me of how they put a literal TV actor as the poster boy for the production Ukraine is. He is the testament to the sheer ignorance of people, but neither the complacent sheep nor the overly ambitious, self-destructive elite scare me one bit, %3 is all it took the first time and I’m sure there’s plenty more aching to break free this time around.
    The pillars that the international cabal has built its diabolical empire upon are cunning. How do think it will fare vs an entire planet hungry for freedom and food? As soon as this shit breaks loose just wait and see how fast these roaches turn on each other once the people get their hands on them.

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