United States, the Middle East, and Israeli Influence from Within

Well surprise, surprise, after investigating the situation on the ground in Libya, Senator John McCain is advocating that the United States take back control of NATO operations and commit more military assets for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.  Score one for the industrial war complex.  And who did they bring in to back up McCain’s position?  Connecticut’s Senator Joe Lieberman, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Last week Jim Tucker, an American journalist, reported inside information he had obtained about the Bilderberg Group that outlines, in essence, a plan to further destabilize the Middle East and draw the United States into a war to subjugate Iran for Israel.

McCain and Lieberman both expounded the need to do away with Gaddafi, both hinting that our predator drones could be used for this purpose. 

There are those who condemn any assertion of manipulation of the U.S. by Israel as anti-Semitism and I considered this eventuality before writing this article.  I decided that if reporting the truth in reference to the actions of the Israeli government has become the definition of anti-Semitism, then that is a cross I’m just going to have to bear.  In looking into the Israeli influence on U.S. politics I am truly taken aback.

Israeli-Americans are the only Americans who can hold dual citizenship and still serve in our government.  Prior to 1940 you could not become a citizen of the United States without denouncing your former citizenship of the country you came from and if you, as an American citizen, voted in an election or served in office in a foreign country you automatically lost your American citizenship.  This law is still enforced today in every other instance other than Israeli-Americans holding dual citizenship.

So just how many Israeli-Americans holding dual citizenship have and are serving in our government

  • Rahm Emanuel – White House Chief of Staff
  • Michael Mukasey – US Attorney General
  • Michael Chertoff – Head of Homeland Security
  • Richard Perle –Chairman of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board
  • Paul Wolfowitz – Deputy Defense Secretary
  • Lawrence Fanklin – Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Douglas Feith – Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor at the Pentagon
  • Edward Luttwak – Member of the National Security Study Group of the DOD at the Pentagon
  • Henry Kissinger – Pentagon Advisor, former Secretary of State
  • Dov Zakheim – Pentagon Comptroller
  • Kenneth Adelman – Pentagon Defense Policy Board
  • Lewis “Scooter” Libby – Cheney’s ex-Chief of Staff
  • Robert Satloff – U.S. National Security Council Advisor
  • Elliott Abrams – National Security Council Advisor
  • Marc Grossman – Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
  • Richard Haass  – Director of Policy Planning at the State Dept. and Ambassador at large
  • Robert Zoellick – U.S. Trade Representative
  • Ari Fleischer – Ex-White House Spokesman for Bush
  • James Schlesinger – Pentagon Defense Policy Board
  • David Frum – White House speechwriter behind the “Axis of Evil” label
  • Joshua Bolten – White House Deputy Chief of Staff
  • John Bolton – Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security
  • David Wurmser – Special Assistant to John Bolton
  • Eliot Cohen – Pentagon Defense Policy Board
  • Mel Sembler – President of the Export-Import Bank, Ambassador to Italy
  • Steve Goldsmith – Senior Advisor to Bush
  • Adam Goldman – White House Special Liaison to the Jewish Community
  • Joseph Gildnhorn – Ambassador to Switzerland
  • Christopher Gersten – Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary HHS
  • Mark Weinberger – Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs
  • Samuel Bodman – Deputy Secretary of Commerce
  • Bonnie Cohen – Under Secretary of State for Management
  • Ruth Davis – Director of Foreign Service Institute
  • Daniel Kurtzer – Ambassador to Israel
  • Cliff Sobel – Ambassador to the Netherlands
  • Stuart Bernstein – Ambassador to Denmark
  • Nancy Brinker – Ambassador to Hungary
  • Frank Lavin – Ambassador to Singapore
  • Ron Weiser – Ambassador to Slovakia
  • Martin Silverstein – Ambassador to Uruguay
  • Lincoln Bloomfield – Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs
  • Lay Lefkowitz – Deputy Assistant to Bush and Director of Domestic Policy Council
  • Ken Melman – White House Political Director
  • Brad Blakeman – White House Director of Scheduling

Now, before anybody calls me an anti-Semitic, let’s get something clear.  The Knesset is the legislative body for the Israeli government.  No person can become a member of this body without denouncing all other citizenship and swearing an allegiance to the State of Israel.  Allow me to clarify. 

If the dual citizen Joseph Lieberman who is presently serving as a United States Senator wanted to go to Israel and serve in the Knesset he would have to denounce his American citizenship, as the Israeli people do not want anyone with mixed allegiance serving in their government; which is their right and would have to be considered the smart thing to do if you truly care about the sovereignty of your country and your people.

Jews make up about 2% of the United States population yet wield more power in our country than any other group.  And considering the dual citizenship the Israeli government has more influence over the American government than the U.S. voter. 

The United States Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”  In short, the government cannot support a state sponsored religion, yet we give $10 billion a year to the religious state of Israel.  That is $2,020 of tax payer money to every man, woman, and child in Israel.  What would happen if our government tried to procure any such payment for the Baptists, Catholic, Mormon, or Protestant church?  It would be declared unconstitutional.

It is not the right or wrong that I am trying to get at here, but rather the why.  We are told that Israel is our number one ally in the Middle East and that we need them.  Why?  Because the rest of the Middle East despises us because of our illogical absolute support of Israel.  I’m sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense. 

When a Palestinian lobs a rocket into Israel and kills an innocent man, woman, or child it is called an act of terrorism.  When an Israeli war plane drops cluster bombs in Gaza killing innocent men, women, and children it is called a retaliatory act.  Who makes these distinctions?  If you wanted to look at it logically Israel invaded Palestine which was an aggressive act and everything the Palestinians have done since would have to be considered an act of retaliation for the invasion.

So what makes Israel so important to the other 98% of Americans who are not Jewish?  What do they have that we cannot live without?  Why are the considerations of the people of the United States taking a back seat to the desires of Israel?  I think the answer is obvious.  As surely as the illegal aliens are infiltrating our body politic with a desire to gain advantage for Latin America in the United States, the Israelis have not only infiltrated, but now exercise a great power over our body politic through espionage and manipulation of wealth.

Now they want us to kill Iranians for them?  I tell you right now, I hold no ill will for any human being because of their race or religion, but I also tell Israel, we the people of the United States will not allow you to sacrifice the blood of our children upon the Israeli alter of conquest of the Middle East.  If that is anti-Semitic then my love of my country and my people must be also. 

When we take our country back and deport all the illegal aliens I think the Jewish Americans should be given an option.  Either denounce your Israeli citizenship and pledge absolute allegiance to the United States of America or leave.

God protect our great Republic from outside influence.

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  1. Just off the coast of Haifa, a huge natural gas and shale oil find was just discovered. There is a 32 thousand acre oil and gas field that Israel is trying to develope. The shale oil find is the third largest in the world. Sounds like the idiots in Washington are at it again.

  2. Great article. Thanks for the courage to speak out the jews strangle hold on our government and point out this obvious truth but no one wants to talk about.

  3. Thank you for this article! Speaking against Israel most definitely CANNOT be equated to being Anti-Semitic! They claim to be a Democratic, SECULAR nation, yet one cannot criticize their National policy without being dragged into a Religious discrimination battle. I simply wish more reporters & writers would follow in your lead & simply REPORT the truth.

    These lawmakers are openly committing treason! They put Israel’s interest before the United States…they give them access to our Military & Intelligence…I’m sorry, but WHEN did Israel cease from being a FOREIGN country?! We must take our country back & these lawmakers must be punished!

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