Apple – iSpy for the Government

Fifty years ago the idea of any citizen of the United States openly being spied on by our own government would have stirred outrage to the point that the government or private industry would not have dared.  Now, as a result of the technological revolution the idea of personal privacy seems to be on its way to becoming an antiquated notion.

With the enactment of the Patriot Act, overnight it became acceptable to record our phone calls, our computer transactions, and even to come into our homes and search them while we are away and without warrant.  Those in our government had to be holding their collective breaths knowing that the enactment of the Patriot Act was in reality a nullification of our most basic constitutional protections.  Instead of saying, “Wow we got away with that one without a revolution.”  They said, “Wow if they let us get away with that, the sky is the limit.”

Now we are looking at the Cybersecurity Act which will allow for spying on and complete shutdown of the internet by the government under the orders of one man, the President. 

And of course there is the new iPhone and iPad by Apple which caused quite a stir last week in the mainstream media when it was revealed that it could be used to track and trace the user.  Of course there was no mention of this feature back when the devises were first being introduced as they had to wait for the people to get addicted to the drug before telling us of the ill effects.  They are saying you have the option of turning the tracking off and of course we should trust that this is true.

The idea of tracking and tracing is certainly nothing new.  Everything from our credit cards to the clothes we wear have microchips imbedded in them.  This coupled with cameras on the streets in literally every state, city, and town represents a deliberate effort to track and trace our every movement.  And who wants to watch us? 

The Cybersecurity Act is being perpetrated by government committees on commerce and national security.  Aren’t these proposals unconstitutional?  Well, the World Trade Organization has declared that it has the authority to nullify any part or all of our Constitution and laws that interfere with international commerce, and as our so called representatives have signed on with the WTO I guess the question is, does it matter if the act is unconstitutional or not.

We are seeing a joining of our national security and commerce agencies with international security and commerce agencies for the express purpose of the complete subjugation of we the people to international rule.  And it may very well happen for no other reason than we just stand by and let it.

In responding to subpoenas in reference to the AFT’s involvement in running guns across the U.S. Mexican border, the AFT sent documents that were completely blacked out.  In essence telling the investigators, “Screw you, you can’t look at anything we do.”

Our Constitution guarantees us an open government.  We now have anything but.  All government hearings and meetings of any importance are now held in executive session, which is to say in secret.  And every day the Freedom of Information Act is being further and further eroded.

The privacy of government actions is being guarded absolute using the excuse of national security, while the people’s right to privacy is being eliminated, again using the excuse of national security.  If the only way our government can be secure is for them to know everything we do and us to know nothing they do, then I think we have a real problem.

With the new iPhone, as with every new intrusion, we have the talking heads in the mainstream saying, “I don’t do anything wrong, why should I care?”  To which I counter, “Then let them put a camera in your bedroom and bathroom.  I mean if you are not doing anything wrong, why should you care?”

We had better realize that the ultimate goal of the one world elite is to implant every person and every object with an RFID chip.  If they can accomplish this they can know every interlude and every exchange made between any persons.  But hey, why should we care if we are not doing anything wrong? 

I’ll tell you why.  One day you blurt out in public, or even in what you consider to be private, that you do not approve of an action the government is taking.  And with the pressing of a key on a board you no longer exist.  No one will be allowed to buy, sell, trade, or even speak to you without facing punishment themselves. 

The biggest problem is that all of this technological intrusion is unnatural.  We as human beings need privacy as in the end it is our private thoughts that truly make us who we are.  In the end game this is what the elite seek to control, our thoughts and thus who we are and what we are.

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  1. I’ve heard they can track other cell phones too, not just iphones. It’s not right, the constitution should be followed. No one should be able to override it. They keep doing it though.

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