University of Pittsburgh issues non-sexist language guidelines – including term ‘yinz’

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What’s in a name?

Enough to lead people to be unintentionally dismissive and disrespectful of someone by misgendering them, according to the University of Pittsburgh.

But now, Pitt has published a gender-inclusive language guide that includes a set of “non-sexist language guidelines and resources” to help students and faculty avoid “unintentionally creating a sexist and homophobic classroom environment.”

In the guide, “yinz” is a suggested substitute for “ladies and gentlemen.”

The guidelines include advice such as “do not limit yourself to male examples or heterosexual examples. Teachers can and should honor the breadth of experience and potential in students’ lives by discussing women, gender non-conforming, and LGBT-identified people. For example, avoid giving examples that assume that all doctors are men.”

The rest is here:

One thought on “University of Pittsburgh issues non-sexist language guidelines – including term ‘yinz’

  1. Well ladies and gentlemen, they’re sayin’ we can’t say ladies and gentlemen anymore, but guess what ladies and gentlemen, you certainly and absolutely are ladies and gentlemen, and no free-speech killin’ mofo can make us not say ladies and gentlemen because ladies and gentlemen is what we are.


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