3 thoughts on “Update : Maybe last Dance? Husband and Wife

  1. The FBI lied? Who’d a thunk it! On another note: If the names of the murderers who murdered Robert LeVoy Finicum, are ever released, they should be demonized even more viciously than Lon Horiuchi was. Miss no opportunity to degrade and expose them as the lowest of life forms. If you are someone of importance in the Patriot Movement and are invited to speak on a radio show, use that opportunity to mention that the FBI continued to pump lead into a dead man. Use materiel from Victoria Sharp’s account of the murder. Use anything you can from the ambush, to expose the murderous intent of the FBI. As I’ve posted before, do not let the FBI control the narrative.

    1. Degrade and expose them (the FBI) as the lowest forms of life? I thought the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and ALL Communist Cope were and are the lowest forms of life in America at least. If I die I want to know that I took at least several of the Communist Pigs down with me or at least I want to know that after my death these Pigs would be hunted down nation wide and that would be the end of the ZOG controlled FBI, CIA, BLM, Homeland Security and Communist Cops. WHY AREN’T WE AT WAR RIGHT NOW? We could kill half of the Communist bastards right now on the streets if we had any leadership. It just takes 3 cars a one man with a rifle in a pickup truck to “safely” takeout one of these Communist cars….that are all over the country What are we waiting on…..I’ll be one of the first to join! Just say you’re going to organize and DO IT! No one is even recruiting that I know of.

  2. Patriots B.S. Just a bunch big mouth JAM TARTS. We will do this–we will do that. Like f’k you will. Lots of smoke no fire.

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