Update On “Car Stops” And The Bundy Ranch Scene: Sandman Sends

Bk-7_fsCIAA4pUbWestern Rifle Shooters

Via WRSA comment just now:

I have assets on the ground, the State Police are watching the I15, but not acting over-zealous. There are NO roadblocks or Checkpoints set up currently. About 1000 pro-liberty folks onsite. Including Militia, IIIpers, Oathkeepers and locals.

And for those traveling, NV STATE Law prohibits long guns with one in the chamber. Just secure your arms and don’t be an idiot.  

That story comes out of a Group called Operation Mutual Aid (OMA) The call themselves a Militia and are good at getting on TV but they are not part of OUR network. The story was a Militiaman’s (Ryan Payne) brother and his wife and kids got pulled. He apparently had loaded weapons and “supposedly” the State Troopers took them. I have never had good relations with OMA. They stir shit up and put out a lot of sensationalist crap. I call BS on anything originating from them.

Stay cold-eyed and frosty.

No matter what.


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