US forces arrive to Syria carrying weapons, logistical materials

Middle East Monitor

US-led international coalition forces yesterday sent a convoy loaded with logistical materials and weapons to their military bases on the outskirts of Syrian region of Hasakah.

“Coming from Iraq, an American convoy of 40 vehicles loaded with logistical materials, weapons, ammunition, refrigerators, and armored vehicles, to the Kharab Al-Jir military airport in the countryside of Al-Yarubiyah,” local sources told official SANA.

In recent months, the sources added, the US had sent “thousands of trucks loaded with weapons and military equipment to Hasakah through the border crossing with Iraq to reinforce their presence in the Syrian Jazira region.”

Middle East Monitor

2 thoughts on “US forces arrive to Syria carrying weapons, logistical materials

  1. Syria seems to be the “place to be” in the middle east. During the Obama presidency, all we ever heard about was how President Bashar al-Assad was the anti-Christ of the month and that he had to be removed from power or the world would come to an end (despite being voted President by the people of Syria). The only recent time anyone has heard his name in recent times was when it was announced in the news that he and his wife tested positive for covid19. I’m sure the recovering President of Syria is simply delighted to have the USA sending troops and weapons into the Syrian peoples’ country.

  2. What grand timing/synchronicity. So a Syrian guy allegedly takes out a bunch of innocent people just as we cruise into Syria ready to go. That guy was bad, bad, bad, evil!! So don’t forget to hate Syria and rest knowing our troops are there.

    Oil and water for Israel, no matter the cost. Invalidate or demonize any who speak of the game. Kill them, as the herd needs trimming anyway, so the great vision of The Guidestones comes to fruition. War, of every variety, is our greatest ally.

    (Tip-of-the-hat to EOTS)


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