US Govt Massacres Virginia Family: Blamed On Obama Re-Election After So-Called ‘Killer’ Threatens To Expose US Govt Secrets

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die  “Several of my former colleagues were and still are Blackbird employees. They do a lot of recruiting in FBNC,” says a retired special operator, using the acronym for U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s home base of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. “Their business is heavily weighted towards the dark side.”

From The Daily Mail linked below:  ‘He said he wanted to expose something at work’

The United States govt has massacred an entire family in the state of Virginia while the mainstream media has blamed it upon the murder-suicide of ‘a man distraught over the potential re-election of Barack Obama‘ after the so-called killer, Albert Peterson, threatened to expose govt. secrets.

Massacred by dark forces within the US govt were 13 year old Christopher Peterson, 16 year old Matthew Peterson and their parents, Albert and Kathleen Peterson. Both Kathleen and Albert had been employed by ‘highly secretive’ defense contractors Blackbird Technologies and Northrop Grumman. Blackbird Technologies, an offshoot of the infamous Blackwater/XE paramilitary group, is run by ex-CIA and Blackwater spook Cofer Black and is responsible for ‘tracking’targets of US Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities, including Osama bin Laden. It’s also believed that Blackbird Tech is responsible for tracking Americans on Barack Obama ‘secret kill list’.

Though the mainstream media was quick to push the cover-up that Albert Peterson was suicidal and depressed over the potential re-election of Barack Obama, the likelihood of a long time employee of Northrup Grumman with Top Secret security clearances falling into the category of a suicidal killer are highly unlikely. If they knew he was mentally unstable, why would the government have allowed him to maintain the Top Secret security clearance that he still had?

“Peterson had recently lost a beloved uncle to suicide, and reportedly battled mental illness himself – including severe paranoia – for years.”

According to a neighbor who had met with the family at a picnic earlier in the day of the massacre:

Neighbor Jeremy Wilcox told local news radio station WTOP that the family had attended a community picnic together on Sunday and “showed no signs of any problem.”

Pictured below are Albert Peterson and his wife Kathleen and their two sons, murdered by highly secretive elements within the US government over Albert’s threats to expose top secret information that he had at work, according to The Daily Mail.


Kathleen Peterson had been employed by Blackbird Technologies, an offshoot of the infamous Blackwater/XE paramilitary group run by ex-CIA spook Cofer Black, who also happened to be the VP of Blackbird Technologies. According to Blackbird Technologies own website:

Blackbird Technologies, Inc. is a technology solutions provider whose mission is to solve challenging problems for customers in the Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Communities. We apply our technical expertise, innovation, and operational experience to meet our customers’ unique and complex challenges.

Blackbird’s core competencies are:

  • Tagging, tracking, and locating expertise, including experience with technical systems that provide a clear picture of operational assets and targets
  • Customized hardware and software development combined with quick-reaction, rapid-prototyping capabilities
  • Specialized communications, including devices and networks that are global, secure, and reliable—even in hostile environments
  • Information security solutions, including offensive and defensive capabilities that keep systems protected and data safe

Blackbird’s engineers, scientists, researchers, and analysts develop practical, field-ready solutions designed to address the toughest issues facing our customers. We successfully meld science with robust and reliable communications technology; fuse data and create multi-level data dissemination systems; and develop specialized networks that meet stringent requirements for reliability, security, and attribution.

We may never know what  information Albert Peterson had threatened to expose about the US government but we do not that a highly orchestrated cover-up is now in progress. The propaganda mainstream media is playing their usual part and the ‘usual candidates’ linked back to the mercenary army of Blackwater/XE and the CIA are scurrying away to the woodwork after they’ve brutally massacred a lovely family, including two teenage boys who will be dearly missed by their classmates and community. The videos below tell this twisted tale from several different angles. What do you believe, that a man who threatens to expose govt secrets would thereafter slaughter himself and his family due to his fears over Obama being re-elected or was he massacred for threatening to expose top secret govt info, such as Obama’s secret kill list? Knowing the players involved and their track record of lies, the answer is clear to me.

17 thoughts on “US Govt Massacres Virginia Family: Blamed On Obama Re-Election After So-Called ‘Killer’ Threatens To Expose US Govt Secrets

  1. The mere existence of Blackbird, Blackwater, Xe, etc confirms the US is no longer a constitutional republic wherein the government is accountable to the people. The fact that the US Military is complicit in what in effect has been, since 9-11 especially, a fascist coup d’etat, removes any serious hope of restoring the republic and putting the people back in charge. Sadly, most Americans seem unaware of what has happened to them.

    1. “serious hope of restoring the republic”

      Given enough time, that will happen as in history repeats until we get it right.

      See, the lack of Freedom, creates the Urge for it.

        1. Hello,
          Though What Does It Mean wrote a story about this massacre, this is not it. This story was written by me; this is all original material and nothing in this story was taken from What Does It Mean. You need to compare the two stories and you’ll see. I do not use anything at all from that source. Thanks for reading and dig in. What you’ll find goes straight to the bottom of the cesspool of the US govt stench.

  2. I’m sorry , this does not pass the smell test , It’s obvious these 2 people knew too much .

    That 2nd video ; those two young punks don’t know their d… from a doughnut . Idle minded stupid liberal sacks of sh@t . I guess we know who they’re voting for.

  3. Well,

    This is certainly an interesting supposition.

    Clearly,.. Obama’s potential relection is no cause for anyone to committ suicide, or wipe out their entire family. That’s the Propaganda Ministries Soap Opera Version of events for the unwashed masses.

    Since he (and his wife) were clearly linked with the CIA, DOD and other high rank intelligence organizations, he was well aware of a simple fact,.. it doesn’t matter who gets appointed President,.. they ALL answer to the same paymasters.

    My question is: What is it that they killed him, his wife and kids for?

    If he was in as deep as indicated,.. then where was his “insurance”?

    This “insurance” would be several independent repositories of documents/pictures/files/videos that if “something” happened to him (&/or his family),.. this information dump would be released. (Perhaps it was, …but the MSM is so criminal in its own right, they simply turned over to the CIA/FBI/DHS or any one of our other treasonous agencies anything they received and will deny receiving it if questioned.)

    In these circles,… the mere indication you may not be a “team player”, is sufficient to get,..”retired”,… permanently.

    Working within a Black-ops atmosphere for so long,.. Peterson would have no hesitation to providing some measure of protection for himself like this, and he would surely know how to update these document stashes from time to time without leaving a trail they could follow as part of their after-action clean-up (sterilizing).

    My suspicion is, that he came across some portion of plans for a massive False-Flag Event here on US soil,.. and even after so many years of working in the filth of covert-ops,… he and his wife were still throughly appalled and horrified at what they learned.

    It is difficult to impossible to say with any degree of certianty why this whole family got served its termination notice,.. but we can say for sure the following:

    1) They were clearly involved with gov’t and secret gov’t programs for years.

    2) They both had a wealth of knowledge about the programs they specifically worked on, and probably had some functional understanding of programs they were only superficially involved with, or at the least, were aware of programs some of their “friends” had conducted.

    3) As their expertise grows,.. so does their liability. The more they know, the better they can perform more sophisticated black-ops,.. but they also become more of a liablity to all parties involved should they decide to go rogue,.. or “go public”.

    4) They were clearly high knowledge, &/or high value assets after so many years of service,.. you don’t exterminate those kinds of people without a high degree of certainty they need to be “shut down”.

    5) Their kids: This may have been that the kids DID have some knowledge of events that perciptated their summary executions also,.. OR,… wiping the kids out could have been done for no other reason then to make clear to any other would be “whistle blower” or team player who may be contemplating wallking away,… they are completely willing to kill you,.. your wife,.. even your children.

    The killing of their children could have been no more than the American Black-Ops Underworld version of the Mexican Drug Cartels method of warning by hanging people from overpasses.

    This is one of those indicators that to me,.. clearly shows they knew something of an incredibly sensitive nature, something of a large scale nature, something that clearly did not sit well with them, and something that was so important to keep hidden, that they executed the entire family to keep them silent, and to serve as a warning to all others who have any involvment in these circles.

    My question again: What the hell are they really planning to do to us Americans that it required the execution of an entire family just to ensure operational security?

    I don’t know, but we can certainly guess at several possible scanarios,.. and NONE of them good!

    Be weary my fellow Americans,.. this may also be an indication of how close we are to finding out.

    JD – US Marines – If they ruthless murder their own like this,.. what do you think they are wiling to do to you and your family?

    1. Hi JD, I was rather hoping you would comment on this one, as I found it disturbing, to say the least.
      The one thing about it I found hard to believe was the fact that they claimed he was going to go public with secret information. Nobody at that level of security is stupid enough to broadcast intentions like that, unless they have a death wish.

      Great comment, as usual.

    2. Hi JD…thanks for your input. As the original author of this story, I agree with you completely… the end game is near. The CIA, Blackwater/Xe and all of the ‘dark’ govt forces at work are salivating as their final goals of world conquest lay before them. The only thing that can stop them now are good men and women like you and the others in this world who are awakening. I can only hope that your brothers in the US marines are as wide awake as you are. One love…

  4. The days of these defense companies mutilating and killing innocent people and children for profit has gone on long enough. If we are to fully restore our country, we have to take out and flatten ALL these defense companies and the military industrial complex to make sure it never happens again. My only worry is that if and when we do, what’s left of these company’s will probably move to China and work for them and if China becomes number one in the world, then God help us all.

  5. First BREITBART and now these fine folks……it seems the people protecting the President have no limits, much as those who worked for
    the Clintons. Damn, our Country has gone to hell!

  6. JD, #1
    Thank you for your input on this one as i’m of the same belief that the time is near.Hollyweed has some movies that come to mind such as 2012 that have the same things happen to keep people quiet about what they know.Your worry is the same as mine JD,if they will do that to their own then where do we stand?

  7. While XE/et al. are no doubt criminals and should be dealt with, I see no credible information in your article that would lead anyone to conclude that his employer or the federal govt had anything to do with the death of his family. I only see rants about how you don’t like XE and the US govt. Once again corelation does not equal causation. Infat, outside of a relationship to his and his wive’s employer you have no story, why not just slanderously acuse Ronald McDonald of the murders?

    1. Sorry Sweetheart, but ever heard about secret kill lists? So to put the regime over any doubt for starters isn’t flying any longer! In any death they can be involved, since the assassins won’t leave behind a little business card, saying to the cops, don’t investigate, official secret business..

      ESPECIALLY when death is linked with coming out of/with secret Information.

      They did that to themselves, by declaring every American that doesn’t swallow the BS as potential enemies of the state, and then putting laws in line to justify said “official” responses.

      1. What do you think, TranceAm?

        Troll alert, or just plain STUPID???

        Try BIN, Drutch, I think you’ll find it more to your liking.

        Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain.

        1. I’m the original author of this story, I am a full time employee of BIN. Is this not hard hitting and truthful enough for you? What about BIN do you not appreciate?

          I know that your heart is in the right place, please give BIN a bit more love and respect though. We are people powered, even From the Trenches is a valued family member of BIN. We seek the truth about tyranny just as this wonderful website does.

          1. My intent was not to denigrate BIN itself, it’s the quality of many of the comment posters on that site that I have a problem with, as many seem to be either trolls, or totally clueless as to the true nature of the NWO. Most of the articles I send in to Henry come from BIN, in fact , you , John Rolls and some others post some excellent articles there. You’ve even posted articles that I’ve written and posted at FTT on BIN.
            So again, it’s not the site, but many who comment there that are the main reason I don’t comment on the articles on BIN anymore, until they’re posted on FTT, but I do appreciate your efforts in putting the truth out, for those of us discerning enough to recognize it.

    2. Hi Drutch! As the original author of this story, I’d like to point out to you that an entire family is dead because a man had threatened to expose secret information. He should have never just threatened, he should have done. That’s what I have done, exposed mass murder. This story has now been brought to the attention of the US Senate and mainstream media. If they choose to do nothing about it, they have proven themselves to be part of the problem (as if we didn’t already know they are). All I pray every day is that ALL evil be destroyed, as it must be in the end for good to survive. Are you part of that evil, too, Drutch? If so, you, too, must be prepared. If not, you need to dig deep to find truth and act upon it like a man with your hair on fire. Evil has no bounds. It must be destroyed, by good and love of course. Dark evil permeates the halls of power in Amerikkka.

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