US health chief says ‘40 million doses’ of COVID-19 vaccine to be ready by end of 2020

@1:32: “Upon emergency use authorization, all of America must receive vaccine within 24 hours.”

Nov 18, 2020
US Health Secretary Alex Azar says “40 million doses” of Covid-19 vaccines will be available by the end of December for “about 20 million of our most vulnerable Americans,” as he speaks at a briefing with leaders of Operation Warp Speed, Dr. Moncef Slaoui and Army General Gus Perna.

3 thoughts on “US health chief says ‘40 million doses’ of COVID-19 vaccine to be ready by end of 2020

  1. He can shove every single one of them straight up his ass! The deaths and illnesses that will be caused by this toxic concoction will be worse than any plague.

  2. I guess these psychos never saw the video about how those same masks they are wearing were made in some Asian sweat shop where most of the masks wound up on a filthy floor…oh, and the mask makers were barefoot men…. And I guess that Perna jacka$$ is just reading from a teleprompter….it is physically impossible to deliver a vaccine dose to 350 million (or whatever plus or minus) Americans in 24 hours.

    Now let’s do that math, Perna-nently stupid….350 million divided by 24 hours gives you….(drum roll please)…14, 583,333.333 persons vaccinated per hour! Let’s round that off to 14,583,333 persons per hour. Now Perna-nently-stupid, how many soldiers would that require considering it would take roughly a minute or two to deliver one vaccine per person? That would take roughly 243, 000 soldiers, per minute, to vaccinate over 14 million persons per hour so that everyone gets vaccinated in 24 hours. So how many soldiers would be left to have to round up 350 million Americans, to build the internment camps, the fences, etc….and, oh yeah, dumba$$, confiscate roughly a billion arms….

    Because while the criminal psycho elites think they are so smart and We the People are so dumb, they are too damned dumb to do the math!

    Because math is truth. And they can’t handle the truth! Bwaahahahahahhahahah!

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