US Navy is deploying the HAARP platform SBX-1 to hit North Korea with earthquakes!!??

Published on Apr 2, 2013  by  StillSpeakingOut

The US Navy is reportedly deploying the huge Sea-based X-band radar to the Korean Peninsula what suggests that North Korea could be hit by a massive HAARP-made earthquake anytime soon.……………

12 thoughts on “US Navy is deploying the HAARP platform SBX-1 to hit North Korea with earthquakes!!??

  1. If I was NK, I would be sending out half my sub fleet to sink this thing.
    Many around the world would thank NK for sinking it.

  2. HAHAAHA!! They call it a radar ball. The MSM really thinks we are that stupid and still denies or refuses to acknowledge HAARP. Unbelievable.

  3. They still call people conspiracy theorists for saying that it is a HAARP weapon. Honestly, the MSM needs to just admit defeat and stop lying to the public. They aren’t even fooling themselves anymore. It’s pathetic.

    1. Hi NC,

      Actually,.. I think the MSM is trying to play this off as Ocrapo’s new,… oversized golf-ball (he sucks at golf,… just like he sucks at everything else…)

      JD – US Marines – Yeah, yeah, yeah,… thats it!,.. that’s the ticket,… its the Navy’s new supersized golf ball,…. FOR GOLF!,… (yeah,,,hehehehe,… stupid Americans will buy that…. after all,.. they bought the gov’ts 9/11 story….)

  4. Haha!

    Thats great,.. the US Navy is giving North Korea such a nice practice target!

    Freak’in Steve Wonder could hit that thing!

    JD – US Marines – Some how,.. I get the impression it is not a fast as a speed boat to get out of the way of,…. well,… ANYTHING,…….


    1. “Freak’in Steve Wonder could hit that thing!”

      HAAHAHAHAAHAA!!! ROLMFAO!!! Oh man, that’s hilarious, JD. Good one, dude. So true.

  5. HAARP based geo-weapons have been around for some time.

    HAARP based weather weapons have been used IMO on poor NK for well over a decade. I believe NK was used as a test bed for the development of weather weapons. Three years of flood then years of drought.

    You must view weather weapons indirectly by using probability. For example tornadoes do not do much monetary damage because they run at random across an 99.99% open or lightly populated country side. However when tornadoes, extra big tornadoes, run straight through good sized cities, one after another we should KNOW something is STEERING them. Last year for the first time ever tornadoes did the most weather related monetary damage in the US.

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