Two Felony Counts For A Seven Year-Old Boy

The Real Revo

For what heinous crime? He shot a couple of cars with a BB gun. He shouldn’t have done it, agreed. His parents should have taught him better. “Don’t shoot it across a road. You might hurt someone.” The parents should be cited and probably made to pay for any repairs but not in Catawba county. The busybodies at DPS choose to charge the kid with two, count ‘em, two, felonies.

5 thoughts on “Two Felony Counts For A Seven Year-Old Boy

  1. According to the reporter in the above video, THE MOTHER CALLED THE SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT ON HER OWN SON to report the incident…..And now they complain about it???

    Brilliant, just Brilliant!!!

  2. Those two parents remind me of my parents. What is wrong with parents like that. Maybe those parents should be charged with being too stupid.

  3. Sounds like the perfectly normal, mischievous behavior that I would expect from a seven year-old boy, but by charging him with felonies, they’ll prevent him from ever owning a real gun, and make it easier for CPS to snatch the kid if they need to deliver him a pervert-politician.

    “He has a long history of felonious behavior in that home. We took him out of there for his own good, and he now lives with Senator Sodomy, where he’ll learn to be a good citizen.”

  4. This takes over-reaction to a whole new level! Maybe they’ll start charging babies for crapping in their diapers citing environmental protection laws next. I agree with Jolly Roger as well.

  5. Once again, so-called ‘law enforcement’ reveals their utter stupidity.

    A bb gun is NOT A FIREARM you unmitigated MORONS!!!

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