US plane loaded with weapons for Al Qaeda mercenaries fighting in Syria, landed in Jordan

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Jordanian news and press sources revealed that a US airplane, loaded with fatal weapons, landed in al-Mafraq airport in Jordan to deliver the weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Wahda news network quoted Jordanian sources as saying that a US aircraft, loaded with weapons arrived in al-Mafraq airport to hand over these weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, referring to the graduation of a new batch of 1500 gunmen, of al-Zaatari camp residents, who were trained for fighting and using weapons to join nearly 50000 others existing in Syria.  

US Security officials have unveiled that the US congress had secretly endorsed a bill to fund weapon shipments to the armed terrorist groups in Syria through Jordan.

7 thoughts on “US plane loaded with weapons for Al Qaeda mercenaries fighting in Syria, landed in Jordan

  1. This just pisses me off. Treasonous to the core. I can’t believe our country has become Hitler and the Nazis. It makes me sicker and sicker each day. When will we ever take up our arms and fight back? GRR!!!! 😡

  2. Terrorists don’t exist.It’s just a buzz word aimed at lending legitimacy to the ungodly act of killing whosoever is an inconvenience to elitist global ambitions at any given time.The U.S. government hasn’t imprisoned or murdered a single dictator they haven’t earlier put into power or at least provided weapons to until the satraps refused to play ball or were no longer useful.The war on terror is a war on you and me.They’ve taxed us into poverty and we have little left to steal.We resist more by the day.From the state’s point of view we are no longer useful to their devious ends.We are now domestic terrorists.

  3. If you read up on the history of WW2 you will find that America was shipping weapons and other military equipment to England in mass quantities. Finally Germany had enough of that and decided to start sinking American ships. Of course America would put military equipment on passenger liners endangering the lives of all aboard as well as cargo ships like the Liberty ships. My point is this. One day Russia or China will be sick and tired of the US flying C130’s filled with weapons to Syria and shoot one down. This could and likely would start a major war.

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