US plans to militarily penetrate Africa


The U.S. is preparing “to militarily penetrate the African continent” by building up its military resources within the Mediterranean Sea, says Rick Rozoff, manager of the Stop the NATO organization.

On Wednesday, Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino announced that the U.S. was transferring 200 marines and two planes to its base at Sigonella in Sicily to deploy in Libya if U.S. diplomats come under attack as they did on Sep. 11, 2012.  

The U.S. is also deploying four Guided Missile destroyers to naval Station Rota in Spain which is the Atlantic gateway into the Mediterranean and one of the most important shipping corridors in the world.

The destroyers include three from Norfolk, Virginia; USS Ross, USS Donald Cook, and USS Porter, and one from Mayport, Florida, USS Carney. Ross and Donald Cook will arrive in fiscal 2014 and Carney and Porter in fiscal 2015.

“The U.S. is positioning itself for a military intervention inside Libya by building military forces in Sicily,” said Rozoff in a phone interview with the U.S. Desk on Thursday.

“Potentially, other interventions in Africa and even the Sahara region could be staged.”

According to Global Research, the U.S.’s intervention in Africa is driven by America’s desire to secure valuable natural resources and political influence that will ensure the longevity of America’s capitalist system.

This article originally appeared on : Global Research  [Has since been removed]

3 thoughts on “US plans to militarily penetrate Africa

  1. This will be an interesting event now that some of the Russian Pacific Fleet units have also moved into the Mediterranean Sea. I hope the US doesn’t get too big for its boots over the region and do anything rash, their ships would enjoy a brief and exciting time prior to being sent to the bottom. A lot of Russian Naval and missile hardware in the region now and it is all front line quality, just look at the shit coming from the Israeli diapers over the S-300’s and Iskander Systems. I wish no harm on anyones personnel but the US being over extended, falling further into debt, rapidly losing any industrial capacity to sustain their current 74 deployments or areas of interference will not be the worlds police man for long, they would be well advised to consider that. maybe a bloody nose from the Russians will reign them in? We can only hope!

  2. Wow it did not take more than a two digit IQ to find this info
    Time to bring it home and remember the oath we took

    We need to take the district of criminals back
    We can let these morons push us into their wars or we can take OUR country back and then defend OUR turf against the UN and the Monsanto mercenary army
    Their is millions of people worldwide who would back us if we stopped stealing and killing them. The scum that own us have a small power base and if you have not noticed from the last 50 years of bankers wars and false flags They do not understand and can not defeat the heart of a warrior

    many moons ago a newspaper printed a cartoon which depicted an elephant being lead by a thread held by a mouse
    The mouse was labeled Mao’s govt the elephant was ………. Yeh you got it The Chinese people. Think long and hard about this
    We do not have formosa to run to we need to step on the mouse

  3. I’m trying to remember how many years ago I became aware of this “news” item. The preparations for this were made long ago, and everyone should have seen this coming.

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