US Treasury’s Mnuchin hails Israel investment opportunities, eyes infrastructure

Middle East Monitor

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin praised investment opportunities in Israel on Sunday and said Washington would increase its participation in infrastructure projects there.

“We have a very important relationship with Israel. This is really a great place for investments, particularly technology investments,” Mnuchin, launching a Middle East tour, told reporters in Jerusalem.  

“We are going to make sure we do more infrastructure investments here,” he added, without elaborating, in remarks alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel and the United States have strong trade and business ties, particularly in the high-tech sector. Most of the large US high-tech firms including Google, Amazon , Microsoft and IBM have research and development centres in Israel.

Intel Corp in May submitted plans to expand its production operations in Israel, with the Israeli government saying the US chipmaker would invest about $5 billion. Intel’s exports from Israel amounted to $3.6 billion in 2017.

Middle East Monitor

3 thoughts on “US Treasury’s Mnuchin hails Israel investment opportunities, eyes infrastructure

  1. So now we’re going to fix there infrastructure as ours gets worst . Somebody slap the piss out of me an wake me up from the fzcked up dream . Dam

  2. So. Munchkin, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Intel are traitorous companies.
    Threats to National Security.
    Arrest the traitorous executives and confiscate their capital.
    Why is the US Treasury Secretary, a Jujubee, in Israel “servicing” NuttyYahoo?
    So the Jujubees can siphon as much wealth out of our country before they finally collapse our economy.

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