US would lose to Russia over Ukraine

Press TV

Retired US professor James Henry Fetzer says Washington would lose to Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine if the Obama administration fails to negotiate with Russia.

“The United States has to be more responsible in attempting to negotiate with Russia about Ukraine,” he told Press TV on Sunday.

“Things are not looking good for the United States,” the editor of Veterans Today said.

“The Obama administration may go out of its way to precipitate a conflict with Russia … the United States would lose … anyone who thinks that a nuclear war is going to have an actual victor is simply deluding themselves where as has been observed after such a conflict the living will end in the dead,” he added. 

Washington has imposed travel and asset bans on a number of Russian officials over the crisis in Ukraine. 

US Senator Bob Corker introduced a bill in Congress that would impose sanctions on several more Russian officials as well as on Russian banks and big corporations. 

The measures would target Russian energy giants Gazprom and Rosneft as well as four key Russian banks — Sberbank, VTB Bank, VEB Bank, and Gazprombank. 

The US has accused the Kremlin of interfering in Ukraine and of providing arms and support to the protesters in the East European country. Russia has dismissed as “nonsense” claims that it is fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine. 


One thought on “US would lose to Russia over Ukraine

  1. Can anyone imagine the hypocrisy of accusing Russia of “interfering” in Ukraine while the U.S. is busy INTERFERING in places all over the Earth.
    What the Hell is the U.S. now doing in Iraq for God’s sake????
    Has rank stupidity now overtaken our government??? Do we even have a “legitimate” government anymore?? Congress and the Administration seem to have lost their f**king minds.

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