Is Natural News Trying to Hide Global Climate Engineering?

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GeoEngineering Watch – by Dane Wigington

I have bit my tongue for a long while on the ever increasing flow of incorrect information and half truths coming from “Natural News”. Creating conflict in the activist communities is exactly what the power structure wants, the last thing I want to do is to step into that trap. This being said, there are times when such conflict is unavoidable. Though “Natural News” does put out valid information, when “independent news sources” like Natural News also puts out what can only be described as disinformation, one is left with no choice but to call “FOUL”.  

“Irrefutable Proof We Are All Being Sprayed With Poison: 571 Tons Of Toxic Lead ‘Chemtrailed” Into America’s Skies Every Year”

This is the headline from a just posted article By Mike Adams. Does it seem odd to anyone that nowhere in the Adams article is the intentional spraying of the skies even mentioned? Does it seem odd that the terms “geoengineering” and “climate engineering” are never brought up? And why wouldn’t you mention all the aluminum and barium showing up in lab tests around the globe, Mike? Doesn’t that matter any more? The article in question mentions “571 tons of lead” put into the atmosphere annually, but what about the 20,000,000 tons of aluminum nano particulates stated as an annual atmospheric spraying goal by the geoengineers? The article above by Mike Adams implies that the trails we see in our skies are simply a matter of very dirty fuel, thats it. This implication is patently false and there is no excuse for this disinformation from one that claims to be an independent researcher and journalist.

In the article below Adams discusses the dangers of aluminum and states that this toxic metal is “falling out of the sky”.

“Battle For Humanity Nearly Lost: Global Food Supply Deliberately Engineered To End Life, Not Nourish It”

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In this article Mr. Adams admits there is aluminum “falling from the sky” but yet again, he never once mentions the geoengineering/climate engineering programs that are spraying aluminum as a primary element which is even listed in major geoengineering patents as such. He goes on to imply that perhaps it is China trying to kill us off, isn’t this kind of statement exactly what the power structure would want us to think? The statement about China implies its not our own criminal government spraying us, its those evil communists.

A direct quote from the Adams article is below:

“I’m openly asking this question: Is there a covert heavy metals war being waged against America by China? After all, poisoning the population with heavy metals is a very effective way to collapse a nation by destroying the sanity and health of its people.”

And what about yet another article below where Adams pens a title stating “Planet Plunges Into Global Cooling”?

“Global Warming Computer Models Collapse: Arctic Ice Sheets Rapidly Expand As Planet Plunges Into Global Cooling”

Does this sound like exactly the sort of outlandishly false information that we would expect to be put out from the fossil fuel industry and the geoengineers? How can Adams make this statement with a straight face? I don’t like Al Gore either, and I am certainly not a fan of carbon credits, but reality is still reality.

Lets do a quick fact check on the title of Mike’s article shown above, is Earth really “Plunging Into Global Cooling”?

glsciers breaking.


 April 2014 was the 2nd warmest global average ever recorded, the 350th month IN A ROW OF ABOVE AVERAGE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES

 Arctic Sea Ice Steep Decline Continues

 West Antarctic Ice Shelfs Collapsing

 Greenland Ice Melting And Collapsing.

 2014 and 2015 likely to be warmest years ever recorded.

 We are already in a likely “runaway greenhouse effect”

The global climate is not just warming, its in meltdown. Geoengineering programs are helping to fuel this fire making an already bad climate situation exponentially worse. If we are to have any chance of a united stand against the “collective insanity” that is currently ruling the world we must stand on the common ground of truth and verifiable facts. All must learn to separate facts from disinformation and propaganda. This can not be done without at least some legitimate investigation. Lets all keep sounding the alarm from SOLID AND WELL RESEARCHED GROUND.

15 thoughts on “Is Natural News Trying to Hide Global Climate Engineering?

  1. “The article above by Mike Adams implies that the trails we see in our skies are simply a matter of very dirty fuel, thats it.”

    The author of this pitiful attack on Natural News would probably benefit from some kind of remedial reading classes, because the article in question doesn’t imply that at all.

    The article deals only with lead in aviation fuel, with a brief paragraph on the history of lead in automotive fuel. There are about 20 different articles posted on that deal with Chemtrails, their effects, and the possible motives for spraying us, including a depopulation agenda. He (Mike Adams) uses the word “chemtrailed” in quotation marks to highlight the fact of this lead problem NOT being one of the chemicals usually associated with what we know as chemtrails.

    My advice to the author (Dane Wigington) would be to read a bit more carefully before attacking someone, and my advice to everyone else would be that Dane Wigington is a literary loose cannon, desperate to launch a verbal attack on Mike Adams for reasons unknown to me at this time.

    1. I see what you’re saying, Farmer, but that’s exactly why Mike Adams put “chemtrailed” in quotation marks; to differentiate his present information from what we’ve known as chemtrails in the past.

      The article doesn’t misdirect people. It just informs them that there’s another toxin being released, and it also mentions that toxin’s prior effects on the population. And since the website shows a long history of accurately reporting on chemtrail information in the past, it doesn’t make sense that he would have any motive to deceive people on the issue now.
      (and he never mentions lead as being responsible for the lines in the sky that we see)

      1. yeah, I’m familiar with the technique, but I don’t see it working here on anyone who actually read the article.

        It’s more likely that he used the photo that he did because it’s the best he had available rather than assume it’s an attempt to deceive people, which is what he was accused of here.

  2. The question I have is: If they ARE spraying heavy metals, then wouldn’t jet engines be failing due to the abrasive pitting of its compression fan blades?

    Microscopic, airborne metals would have the same effect on jet engines as erupted volcanic dust, and they don’t allow planes the fly through that.

    1. @Inretrospect The question is not ‘are’ they spraying us, ( one would just have to look up to see that they are) the question is why and for what purpose are they spraying us? I don’t think they worry about any damage to their aircraft

      1. Foehammer – You misread my question. There is no doubt that they are spraying us with something (other than condensate). However, heavy or even light metals will cause big problems for any commercial or military jet flying through it… just like volcanic minerals and glass do.

        Furthermore, since they have been spraying the skies like this since the mid-1990s, then what they are spraying is most likely a slow death — not an instantaneous genocide.

        Monsanto has also been altering their GMO seeds’ to have the ability to survive the chemical fallout from chemtrails; whereas, natural heirloom seeds can’t. Therein is Monsanto’s agenda to control the growing of produce.

        The Geo Engineers claim they are spraying aluminum barium in order to reflect sunlight back into space, thus reducing Global Warming… which is total bullshit. I believe there is much more to Chemtrails than we shall ever know.

        Whatever they are doing must cost a fortune. We really don’t even know the International coffers who are paying for this.

        1. Sheer weather control, perhaps assistance through systems such as HAARP (obviously we can only speculate!).

          12 – 30 hours prior to the time a strom would hit my area they start crossing the sky above Lake Tahoe, directly to the West of me.

          The sierra was said (I have not verified, but it sounds reasonably close) to have received 24% of the average precip this past winter/spring. Pathetic.

          Nice drought to kill off all the CA crops, a major food supplier for the nation!

    2. My dad told me when he ran moonshine, he placed a two gallon can of used motor oil under the hood with a copper line running to the exhaust just behind the muffler, with a valve on the line inside the car. If someone got after him, he opened the valve. The copper tubing going into the exhaust at an angle towards the back came under a vacuum. You can imagine the result.
      The aluminum and barium, and whatever other chemicals that make up the mixture, are injected behind the turbines and thus super heated into the foggy chemtrail we see. It’s not a part of the fuel mixture.

      1. Henry – Most of the particulate and other chemicals has been shown to come out of spray nozzles on the wings, which are nowhere near the engines.

        I thought that most of the expanding chemtrail fog is the reaction with moister in the air… sort of the opposite reaction of seeding clouds with dry ice.

  3. Clearly we are being sprayed and if it were magic pixie dust that made you healthy, live forever and fart unicorn rainbows we would have been notified long ago so that we could applaud and thank those responsible. That having been said, I am almost past even caring about knowing what it is. I only know that it is an attack on all of us and needs to be stopped and justice needs to be administered in heavy doses. Take 2 lengths of hemp rope and call me in the morning. Unlimited refills! 😉

  4. There is no theory about it. Just like is pictured above they spread out as gases or chemicals would do.. across all parts of the sky. I see it on sunny days almost always now. I’ve seen a real bad chlorine leak before. Creates a haze and burns the eyes nose and throat & looks similar to what these chemtrails are doing to sky’s.

  5. On the side technical, this article started out very poorly when it was stated that “anything with a propeller” burns 100LL (100 octane low lead) aviation gasoline.
    Nearly all propeller driven Commercial aircraft use standard jet fuel in gas turbine (not piston) engines to drive the propellers…turboprops.
    Many small piston driven Private aircraft use unleaded automotive gasoline.
    That said, I’m with most of you in feeling that the word “chemtrail” should have been avoided, even in quotes. It could easily mislead someone who isn’t “up to speed” about the real tropospheric and stratospheric aerosol spraying, including metals.

  6. Though I do believe Mike Adams, like Alex Jones, is in it for the money and fame as much as for getting the truth out (and of course Adams is far more trustworthy than Jones), to even consider that Global Warming is truth is ridiculous…just ask 100,000 cattle who froze to death in the upper midwest in 2013-14!

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