4 thoughts on “USS Liberty Memorial

  1. These two incidents are not related in any way—The blatant attack against an allied ship, docked, simply to cover up a typical break with International law and decency add to all Israels war crimes, plain and simple. And the deplorable action to further cover such a vile but by now expected act says everything about how really illegitimate the entire forced making of Israel is —-No different than any of the other drummed up attacks or invasions done to seven current sovereign countries…..in the Middle East or the Ukraine.

  2. Every single sailor aboard the USS Liberty was injured in some way during the attack – every man aboard ship.

  3. Isn’t it strange how most of the more-patriotic-than-thou, “support our troops” gang seem to go silent when the USS Liberty massacre is mentioned? And then there are those among them who even make up excuses for the Israelis.

    On the bright side, the casualties taken by the Liberty weren’t completely in vain. That event helped awaken a lot of people to the treacherous nature of our so-called “allies” in Israel, and it revealed the level of control Israel had over the US government even back in 1967. Yet I’ve found in my daily life that there are still many folks who have never heard of the USS Liberty. There’s plenty more work for all of us to do as far as raising awareness.

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