51 thoughts on “Surgery went well

  1. Good to see you Henry! So glad to hear all went well. JD’s doing a great job, lots of topics covered, and great callers as usual helping out.

    Hi Laura, thinking of you also!

  2. Henry, I gotta admit, I was worried. Don’t push yourself in recovery, of course, we all know you will. I recommend some extended R&R, eating fresh fish with a good veggie, healing proper. Your like me though, I can’t just sit around. Crossword puzzles keeps the mind sharp but that gets old fast for me. I have already told my children to shoot me and put me out of my misery if they ever see me putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Find a good book, Carlos Castenada always takes me to another place. Get well soon brother. Millard

  3. Get well, Henry!

    I’m sorry I’ve not been listening to your show lately but i have been posting on your website. I did not even know you were having surgery until today when JD announced on the show.

    Once again, my prayers are with you, brother!

  4. Damn Henry, your scar is longer than mine! he he he…

    When I was a kid, I always used to tell everybody to “get a neck”! It was the thing to say back then. Sure fits now though. 🙂 LOL..

  5. Hi Henry! I’m very glad that your surgery went well! In that picture, you look like you just crawled out of the trenches, literally! *laughs* Next time, wait for JD and the rest of us before you jump into battle! Oh, and by the way, there is a huge earthworm on your neck! 😛

  6. I told you it was nothing to worry about.

    And you can forget all about paying the doctor’s bill. He cut your throat, and as soon as you cut his, you’ll be even.

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery, buddy, and spend some time in the woods when you get out of there. You deserve a vacation.

  7. My Fellow Trenchers:

    Cover Story: Surgery for tumor on neck.

    Truth: Henry refused to buy some cookies from a couple of girl-scouts,… and they kicked the crap out of him!!!

    Them girl-scouts are now just plain MEAN!!!!

    Hahahaha,… just kidding (obviously!,.. as it takes at least THREE girl-scouts to kick the crap out of Henry!)

    Take your time recovering Henry,… me and the regulars got the show covered,… best to you buddy!

    JD – US Marines – Who knew selling girl-scout cookies had become so competitive??!!


  8. The girl scout had the upper hand for a bit, but with my experience in pushing little ducks in the creek, I eventually got the upper hand.
    I’ve no desire to cut the doctor’s throat as he is living proof that there are still true professionals in the medical industry.
    One of the things I never mentioned in talking about getting the operation was the delicate process finding the nerves that control the facial muscles. Straight up honest the only pain I am feeling right now is the sensation of strep throat from the insertion and the removal of the respirator tube. I’ve been offered pain meds but will decline until absolutely necessary, as I prefer a clear mind.
    I thank you all for caring about me and will back in the Trenches as soon as I am able.

    1. KNOW that we Love you, Henry. Take all the time you need healing. Hope they release you SOON so you can get some true rest in your own bed and good home cooking. (Some R&R… fishing and time in the woods are also in order.)

  9. Surely the LORD has been watching over you Henry…. I give thanks that you had a respectable surgeon – not the butcher of Hangh-Wauh. May your recovery spark in you more a renewed hope and faith that you have been destined for the greatest of purposes: hearing God’s call and serving as His agent for good in these troublesome times. I ask on bended knee for your complete healing and a fresh revival in your soul for a clear direction and empowerment to do the “dunamis” (explosive type of power – from this Greek word we get the name for Dynamite) that you have already made apparent that you possess.
    Laura, please know we stand with you and alongside you in support of your husband and the dedicated effort you both put forth to make sure the truth is plainly revealed. May God bless you with strength and perseverance to continue your good work, and to bring peace and revelation to your souls.

    1. Powerful, heart felt, and God inspired sentiments you request to the one true God. I was and am moved by your post and would say also you, Darzak, exercised dunamis in your words.

      Thank you!

    2. WOW Darzak, Thats great. My prayers are with you, brother! Hope to hear you soon!

  10. Hey Henry

    I bet your surgeon is the ONLY one who has ever been able to cut your throat. God bless you brother. I pray you heal faster than anyone expects you to.
    Be well my friend.

  11. Prayers for an even quicker escape, Henry! Probably impossible to say for sure anymore whether it was girl scouts or boy scouts but glad you kicked the brownies out of em!

  12. Henry,

    very thankful, you’re making a fast recovery. We miss you. We love you.

    get well,


  13. Sorry to be so late , been busy working on a 63 y.o. Car not paying attention to the haps on here
    Get well quickly Henry , good thing for modern medicine and trained hands
    We gotta get back to giving them hell

  14. God bless you Henry, I hope you will be feeling much better soon! Take good care of yourself. Many thanks for all you and Laura do and get well soon!!

  15. Gosh i didnt know you were ill along w Kyote. My prayers for quick healing, and praise to God for good surgery. Get well soon and dont give the Mrs to much guff, you know what they say about men being ill 😉 🙂 Prayers for you both

  16. What is it with Henry’s and hospitals this year? My dad is also Henry and did a hospital spell, but was too ornery to die, so they sent him home. Watch out for the nurses, they’re a mean lot.
    Get out soon before the bugs know you’re their.

  17. Yuh look alright ta me.Get yer neck right. No more long necking, for yous-he said-she said shit.Who cares what they say? Whats your Thoughts-speak =um or type like me ,one finger. EVERYTHING will be OK, Till it isn’t.
    PS, my young lady says ,Quit sayin God Damn so fukin much and maybe she might listen more.

  18. Stay tough friend.
    You know all your FTT friends appreciate you & all the work you do and we expect you to go easy on the recovery (but we know how you roll).

    We can temporarily work on keeping the tyranny at bay.

  19. It was great to meet you, Henry.
    But serendipitous circumstances allowed to shake you hand.
    It was a pleasure.
    Heal quickly.

  20. Glad to hear everything is well.
    Look at the bright side.
    At least you’ll get a few days to heal before they start microwaving you from the cell towers again.
    That’s my tin foil hat perspective.
    Hang in there brother….njoy the break.
    God bless…!

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