5 thoughts on “Utter mayhem in downtown Minneapolis

  1. First time?

    That isn’t sht.
    Life is cheap. Welcome to the fold america. Been around the planet twice and this ain’t sht.

  2. We did this as kids we would have fireworks wars against each other. Bottle rockets roman candles we would shoot them at each other .

    1. Lol Yep! My friend was reminiscing about mortar wars with his siblings the other day. I think bottle rockets and Roman candles would be enough for me in a playtime setting. 3″ mortars have a heck of a kick when shoulder fired from a demilled at4. Wouldn’t want to get hit by one of them!

    1. People jump out of airplanes. People ride thousand pound wild bulls. There are enough bodies on slopes of Mount Everest to start a graveyard.
      These people haven’t seen utter mayhem yet. They haven’t seen a little upset yet. They need to quit pussy footing around and get with the f-king program and shoot it out to the death, then they will know what utter mayhem is.

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