5 thoughts on “Vaccine Logic

  1. Indeed. Just a few years ago in passing someone had a chart out squawking about how “us damned deniers” are causing outbreaks and had a… UN WHO chart showing in BIG (kiddyish chart I might add from the UN) circles where the most “outbreaks” were for anything and everything added up. It was blaming people who did not get vaccines for it, my question was: Do those circles ALSO represent the HIGHEST CONCENTRATIONS where people GOT their shots? Seems to me outbreaks only occur when you get the shot, watched that FIRST HAND everywhere I have been.

  2. I’ve had this argument many times
    It’s really funny to watch some peoples faces go blank when faced with intelligence beyond their comprehension
    Than they get mad and ignore this truth

  3. Or the few unvaccinated who contract the disease infect the many vaccinated theory. This is why lawyers were not to become politicians.

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