Verbal or Written Permission Could be Required For College Sex

TERRENCE S. JONES/FLICKRLA Weekly – by Dennis Romero

You’re in the heat of the moment, rounding third, but then you must stop and ask, Can I have your verbal or written consent to have sex with you?

Sounds quite unspontaneous. But a law co-authored by L.A. state Sen. Kevin de Leon would have state-run college campuses establish an “affirmative consent” standard for its students.

According to the language of the bill, SB 967, students who want to have sex must essentially establish that there has been “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.” In fact, the legislation says, …   

… It is the responsibility of the person who wants to engage in initiating the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the consent of the other person to engage in the sexual activity. Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent.

No more making sexy faces and sounds for you. You’ve got to verbalize. Or get it on paper.

A rep for De Leon said that the University of California system, as well as other noted institutions around the nation, have already adopted a similar policy. And she emphasized that this was just one aspect of a law aimed at changing the culture of California campuses when it comes to sexual assault and harassment.

The legislation, which was recently approved by the Senate, would also require state colleges and universities to establish standards for student or campus sex that already exist under California law:

People accused of assault, for example, couldn’t use being drunk as an excuse. And it would be assault to have sex with someone who’s asleep, unconscious or otherwise unable to give consent.

De Leon’s rep explained that while this is also part of current law, campuses have their own systems of student discipline, and without expressly laying down the rules for colleges as well, some suspects could fall through the cracks. And some victims could shy away.


With this law,  it would all be there in black and white for each and every state campus. They would have to abide.

The bill appears to be a response to last month’s release of a U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights roster of 55 schools that face inquiries over their handling of the sex-assault reports.

De Leon says:

The federal government is currently investigating 55 colleges and universities. Obviously, there is a problem. SB 967 will change the equation so the system is not stacked against survivors by establishing an affirmative consent policy to make it clear that only ‘yes’ means ‘yes.’

Bill co-author Hannah-Beth Jackson, a state Senator from Santa Barbara, adds:

 … Events in Isla Vista confirm that misogyny exists on and around our campuses, and we need to confront it. This bill makes a strong statement that California is moving from a culture of acceptance to a ‘no excuses’ culture. No excuses for rape. No excuses for blaming the victims of rape. No excusing for not supporting these victims. And no excuses for colleges and universities turning a blind eye to the problem of campus sexual assault and violence.

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12 thoughts on “Verbal or Written Permission Could be Required For College Sex

  1. The rape hysteria has gotten to the point where it’s only legal to have sex if you pay for it.

    That might be the only legal defense a guy has. Make any lover accept money for any sexual activity just to cover your ass in court. If she wakes up with regrets the following morning and decides “he raped me” you can always tell the judge she’s a prostitute, and she’s been paid.

  2. things are getting so crazy around the globe regarding ‘laws’ that one might wonder……….if ……..something to the affect…of………soon as a new born arrives, it’s straight off to jail for it! Then the sorting of, what to do with it begins…..
    Come on, here……..JEEZ………….Not more laws, Please!!

  3. So now ‘consenting’ adults will bee required to have a ‘love contract’?

    see link
    dave chappell

    One day one of these idiot laws are going to come within my realm. When that happens ‘watch the weather change’. That will be the day I stop being nice and start being maltov cocktail.

    ok so im not that nice as it stands now but it shall get WAY worse.

  4. Its easy enough to say, “sure you want to f**k?”… Although I do agree it is getting ridiculous. Soon it will all have to be on cctv! God bless us all…

  5. Hey, come on, guys.

    Just what the hell do you expect from an indoctrination center, after all.

    1. nice try # 1
      I know you’re kidding………..
      in all seriousness, i have wondered why sui////cide bombers have not hit this land also…….?I think the powers that be would go glee….should that occur……….let us believe, that won’t come about….god though, the evil that are in our fed gov, stirs up the most horrendous hornets nest on purpose one does wonder….

  6. “No more making sexy faces and sounds for you. You’ve got to verbalize. Or get it on paper.”

    And HOW, exactly, is verbal any use, unless recorded?

    He said, she said.

  7. This is as insane as the gun control laws. Let’s see, do you think a criminal is going to register his guns. In this case, do you think a rapist is going to ask his victim, “Can you please write down that you want to have sex with me?”.

    I mean seriously. Has the whole world gone insane? It makes NO SENSE! It only makes “COMMUNIST SENSE”.

  8. How funny. I would say “in the heat of the moment” is where both have already consented. Don’t stop now! Charge!
    . . .

    1. yeah charge them for the sex.
      if they dont pay they didnt really want it. lol
      ‘here is your receipt. No refunds or exchanges. have a nice day’

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