One thought on “Veteran Warns City Council ‘It’s Not Gonna Be Peaceful Much Longer

  1. This is an older speech from a bit back. Very nice, love the passion, but he is speaking and giving credibility to these criminals posing as the peoples Government. People should assemble privately, arm up and offer total resistance to what is coming to all of our doors sooner than later.

    If we do, we win, they’ll have to call in the foreign troops under UN, and then, we still win.

    No need talk to them any longer, they do not give a shit, they are 100% in league with the treason.

    America is non-functional, and “After” this Rebellion is done, then, we can truly look to restore our republic and prosecute all those (and the global scum) who participated in this criminal system. Bill of Rights & Common Law, No Compromise!

    And I ain’t talking about Restore the republic like Ron “Traitor” Paul and the Alex Jones Types are saying, they are all about the status quo and just want to be in charge of their version of a corrupt, masonic blue lodge revival.

    Can’t wait for the Organized Militias to take a stand and help get this thing going!

    Oh, wait whats that I hear, Birds Chirping, I know Mark K, you want us Lone wolves to get busy and start the killing and dying for you guys, then the Organized Militia can come out to usurp the glory of our sacrifices, they don’t intend to start shit.

    I wonder if they will even join the fight when it starts…?

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