Video: Conspiracy Of Silence. The Franklin Scandal.

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This documentary proves there is only one political party in the United States and Great Britain. That one party covers up the rape and murder of children. This video was made in 1993 by the Discovery Channel and Yorkshire TV. It was scheduled to be aired on British TV but was cancelled. Tremendous pressure had been put on the Discovery Channel and Yorkshire TV by the Clinton administration to pull it.

Think about that for a minute. This was  a scandal involving the previous Bush administration. I hope you didn’t think Democrats and Republicans were adversaries. They are the predators and the common people are the food. The people who think they own the government are allowed to fly heroin and cocaine into America by the plane load. They sell these drugs to violent street gangs who are destroying your country. But that is not enough to satisfy them.  

They also fly children out of the United States to be sexually abused and murdered by the Uber Rich all over the world. That is why no incoming administration has uncovered the Deep Secrets of the previous one. Clinton stopped the Franklin scandal from spreading. Obama stopped all investigations into 911. Neither Bush nor Obama has done any serious investigating into the 8.35 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon’s budget over the last two decades.

Think about the tens of thousands of American children kidnapped, raped and eventually murdered by the Power Elite. Internationally, 240,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery every year. You do not see 240,000 victims being released after ten or 20 years of service because they are killed. Israeli-Russian gangs are the leaders in this trade in human souls. Think about that when you watch this documentary.

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