Video: Lindsey Finally Says When The Dollar Will Collapse.

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Lindsey Williams has finally said when his friend in the elite ranks of the oil industry told him the dollar will collapse. He was told Americans must be totally enslaved before they can let the dollar collapse. The three major steps are:

1) The Patriot Act and other acts and laws that restricted our historic freedoms.  

2) Americans must be bankrupted and sent into poverty and Debt Slavery. They  elite want more people on welfare and Food Stamps. They want pensions to collapse and cities to declare bankruptcy before they crash all economies in the world.

3) Obamacare is not for health care but a control mechanism designed to bankrupt you and to bankrupt all small businesses. You are to be come so poor and so controlled that you cannot resist their final push. You might remember that the Internal Revenue Service will run Obamacare. They will have your medical records. And they can deny you, your parents and your family much needed treatment.

A related note: 50% of all children have a chronic illness or disability. Many of these alleged diseases were unheard of in the early 1950s.

Obamacare has been delayed until January 2015. That is when the worldwide Depression begins according to his elite friend who has never been wrong yet. It is possible that the wealthy might overestimate their ability to control all markets. The dollar and other currencies could collapse before then.

My Comments: Between 3 and 4 million Americans died from starvation in the last Depression. MIT did a study last year in which they said a global collapse would kill between 500 million and a billion people. And in the aftermath billions more would die in a series of plagues. Lindsey Williams is uneducated in economics so you can speed through his comments on why we are in economic difficulty now. And of course he does not understand how to organize a recovery. We need Debt Cancellation and issuance of a non-interest bearing currency. He is right when he says the elite wants to own all properties so you are reduced to serfdom.

He said June 19th through 23rd of 2013 were a test of the markets and what would happen to interest rates if Bernanke hinted at tapering. The interbank 7 day repo rate went from 3.3%  to 12.6%. Even the Chinese banks were near collapse. The elite plans to collapse the derivatives market by raising interest rates.

Lindsey said that the elite plans to make it difficult to find cash to make mortgage payments so that they can repossess your house. He said get out of debt and convert all your cash into gold and silver before January of 2014. You will need food, water and firearms. Get out of big cities. Buy every supply you will need. Max Keiser said he would go into hiding when gold hits $5,000 an ounce. Lindsey said you will have a tremendous buying opportunity at pennies on the dollar if you are liquid and hold gold and silver.

He said there will be several collapses. He said China is on the verge of collapse. He cites the Chinese government approved figure of 1.35 billion people. When Nixon went to China in 1972 Harrison Salisbury of the New York Times reported that the population of every small town had 2.5 times as many people as the central government said. Sun Tzu in The Art of War said when you are many pretend to be few. The Chinese are Asians so you will have to get used to secrecy. Every American visiting Chinese classrooms  has said that 2/3rds to 80% of of the children are boys. There are more boys than girls due to their One Child policy. I leave it as an exercise for you to calculate how many men there are without women. And you wonder why they have 181,000 riots a year.

Lindsey plays some clips about China. But he does not understand that the Chinese elite are Princelings and their children. A Princeling is a person whose father survived the Long March with Chairman Mao. These men are incompetent business managers. They are in charge of corporations and extort billions from their non-Chinese partners. American and European corporations had to give all of our trade secrets to set up shop in China. Asia Times said once that the banks launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes and that 40% of that money was from Chinese officials. The Chinese government will need two trillion dollars in cash and US Treasury bonds to cover the losses from these incompetent Princelings.

Lindsey says America could not fight a world war today. We don’t have the capital goods to make anything for World War III. I pointed out elsewhere that the bankers want us to lose WW III. Our supply lines will stretch 8,000 miles to China on a dodgy credit card.

My suggestion is that the House Republicans repeal Obamacare. When they have to vote to raise the US Debt Ceiling, they should include a provision to defund Obamacare. Then they should go home until the Senate concedes defeat. Let Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Corporate Media scream and hold their breath and even shut down the government. Just stay strong until they surrender and give up on Obamacare. America will thank you.

This is Pastor Lindsey’s video.


7 thoughts on “Video: Lindsey Finally Says When The Dollar Will Collapse.

  1. This Lindsey guy is full of crap.
    He was telling us that the BP Gulf spill would end up creating a huge earthquakes would result so fierce that it would destroy the east coast, along with tsunami’s.

  2. The buy gold to be safe part is a dangerous risk.

    The US gov has confiscated gold before & will likely do it again.
    If there is a new money backed by gold (that the US cannot bomb out of existance) then gold will be confiscated – the US likely has little hard gold assests.

    Hope I’m wrong there…

    1. It took him 6:37 seconds to give you the answer. A new record for him.

      However, he doesn’t give you the precise date. He only tells us around when it will happen, as we all know that Obamacare, like any corporate plan, is subject to change without notice. So again, he tells us everything and nothing.

  3. “Obamacare has been delayed until January 2015.”

    January 2015? Oh come on, Lindsey? I thought you said it would be in January 2012, then 2013. Why the three year extension? Let’s just get this party started dammit! Enough dicking around! Is it because we slowed down the elite from going to war with Syria and Iran. Awwww………

    Tell your friend, “Don’t delay. ATTACK US!! I dare ya! At least 40,000,000 of us armed patriots will blow your ass away. What are you waiting for? Chicken?”

    By the way, if you and your elitist friend have been alive this long after telling everyone all of the elite’s information, don’t you think the elite are playing you both by now? I mean come on. What makes you think you’re so special? Take your false prophecies and shove them up your ass!

    We the people make our own future, NOT THE ELITE!

    The only other being higher than us is God Himself!

    Death to the NWO and death to the International corporate mafia! We the people shall prevail!

  4. January 2015?

    Bahahahahahaha! If that’s true, then I just have to say that they’ve completely overestimated their chances.

  5. The date to beware of is Dec. 23, 2013, the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve & the charter renewal date. More important, it is the date set 100 years ago, in 1913, by the Evilists, to be in full control of the World & its’ finances……..The doctrine of the New World Order……Kill thru greed, lies & deception……..Expose the CIA & Evergreen Air Chemtrails……Support the Trucker Strike & Drive on DC Oct. 11, 12 & 13…….Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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