Video of Toronto Mayor: ‘Yes, I Smoked Crack Cocaine’

The Weekly Standard – by Daniel Harper

Toronto mayor Rob Ford told reporters, “Yes, I smoked crack cocaine. Do I, am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors–probably, approximately, about a year ago.”

“I’ve made mistakes,” said Ford.

2 thoughts on “Video of Toronto Mayor: ‘Yes, I Smoked Crack Cocaine’

  1. *yawn.*sigh. Maybe if he said, “any persons or government officials who are or have been involved in any recent wars enter the city of Toronto will be arrested upon arrival, tried and upon conviction hung and cremated for war crimes and crimes against humanity” I might be “shocked”.

  2. ROFLMAO two or three times. I would say that he just got done smokeing some rock cocaine, after all, just look at how red his face and neck is – typical of someone high on crack or meth 🙂 …. Not only that but I thought that his type has always said that if you do stuff like that that you are a drug addict for life after just one toke 🙂 – and that is what they said. Somebody aught to care enough – hehehe 🙂 yea right – to send this guy to a LONG TERM treatment center 24/7 for a min. of 3 yr.s atleast. He needs treatment in a long term High intense drug treatment program and show this guy some tough love 🙂 🙂 and show him that treatment helps with his cocaine addiction 🙂 . I hope he has good insurance 🙂 . P.S. Actually, I do not know one single person that drug treatment actually did anything positive for but who knows It may be just what he needs in a spiteful way of mine to drugies in the govt. like that guy. Yea I would love that guy to be subject to what they do Yea, a place like the good old fashioned rehab center like ” Synanon ” like it was run back in the early 70`s and 60`s because we care about those addicts like him and we need to save his soul. LOL

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