VIDEO: Paras 10 Challenge

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Following all the recent bogging about fitness and rucking, here is a video of the ‘Paras 10 Challenge’. This is an event that is open to civilians where they tab (ruck) or run  the route of the 10-miler around Catterick Garrison.

The actual 10-miler is the first event of test week on Pre-Parachute Selection (Pegasus Company) and is completed as a squad with a 35lb. ruck, rifle plus water in 1 hour 50 minutes.  

Oh, and did I forget to mention it is not a flat course – it is hilly – take a look at the terrain in the video. At the 8 mile mark they go into the ‘Land of Nod’ which is used as a work-station during the work-up training (‘Beat Up’) to test week for P Company.

You will see a mixture of military and civilians either rucking it with a weight of their choice, or in running gear with no ruck. After all the recent testosterone talk of rucking and standards, it is a good visual to give you an idea, a benchmark if you like.

Oh, and before I forget:

FIBUA = Fighting In Built Up Areas (Old Brit Speak)


OBUA = Operations in Built Up Areas (New Brit Speak)


FISH = Fighting In Someones House (Brit Joke)

These all = MOUT = Military Operations in Urban Terrain (US Speak).

Live Hard, Die Free.


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