One thought on “Violent Arrest by Inkster Police Caught on Dashcam

  1. Just had a near similar American experience. Been home less than 7 day’s in Sang. Co. IL. When a cop stopped and sh@t started for me setting on my Moms front porch. And indangered my life. So in America all persons it proves just being in sight of a American cop. If they mouth off I did not know who it was. Just for being in there sight. Can and will be reason to arrest, beat, tase, & murder you. And all is well with them. So all Americans need know this. And all tourist to America need know. the American police can and will do you great harm just for being in there sight. And this is a tourist town or so there police say. Does make you wonder about them. such are the American police. Unsafe to be in sight of in America.

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