Vladimir Zelensky received the “Medal of Freedom”


The non-governmental organization “National Constitutional Center” operating in Philadelphia awarded the “Medal of Freedom” to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Center presents this annual award to individuals and organizations in recognition of their leadership in the pursuit of freedom.

Zelensky addressed the Americans in a video message and urged to continue the support shown to Ukraine.

“I urge you to maintain unwavering unity. We await the day when we hear the wonderful news that peace has finally been restored. Democracies should not stop on the way to victory,” Zelensky said.


5 thoughts on “Vladimir Zelensky received the “Medal of Freedom”

      1. That’s a mighty large sack of circle K garbage for the burn barrel.
        Gonna have to break out the excavator.
        OY Gevalt!

    1. “Now all he needs is a chest to pin it on.“


      Shouldn’t be too hard. He’s got a million brand new green shirts in his closet to choose from if he wants to pin it on.

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