Voters Reject Bylaw To Give Police Gun Descriptions

CNS News – by Eric Scheiner

WGGB-TV reports that Longmeadow, Mass. residents recently voted down a series of controversial gun control initiatives at the annual town meeting last week.

Voters rejected proposals that would require gun owners to provide the police department with descriptions of each firearm they own, limit where guns can be carried in town and ban certain types of guns and magazines inside town lines altogether.  

“There were strong opinions shared on both sides. I think town meeting is really a reflection of the human condition, it was anger, frustration, humor, there is some emotion to that,” Town Manager, Stephen Crane told WGGB.

Three laws related to gun control were up for a vote. The first law would impose a $300 fine on anyone who possesses a firearm, rifle, or shotgun in town-owned buildings or recreational properties.

The second required that gun owners provide the police department with descriptions of each firearm they own with serial number, make, model, and caliber.

The final law would have banned “assault weapons”and “large capacity” feeding devices.

Turn out was high for voters, who rejected all three measures.

h/t WGGB

3 thoughts on “Voters Reject Bylaw To Give Police Gun Descriptions

  1. great news… would love to get more involved with this stuff like to find meetings and rallys that stand up against the big government so more information you have the better i live in star prairie wi 54026 than you

  2. Not bad. They should go one step further and pass a bylaw which bans all police and town managers. Be doing themselves a favor.

  3. Here, I own a, None of your F-ing business with a magazine capacity of go F-yourself in a caliber of shove it up your a$$

    serial number URSN9

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