Voting With Dollars – $25,000 Raised in 3 days for ReThink 9/11 Billboard

Debris from the collapse of WTC 1 located between WTC 7 (left) and the Verizon building (right). (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)IntelliHub – by Andrew Pontbriand

From September 28-30, the ReThink 9/11 billboard campaign raised an incredible $25,000 dollars to keep it’s 54 foot Billboard active in New York City’s Time Square through October. This comes following a giant month-long effort that raised $225,000 for a 12 city, international billboard campaign that came to fruition on the 12th anniversary of 9/11.

The Billboard campaign focuses to spread awareness about the elephant in the room regarding the 9/11 story, the collapse of building 7. Many polls and on the street interviews by several journalists show that many people were completely unaware that 3 towers fell on that day, which is mind-blowing considering this was the most horrific attack inside America in recent history.  

The Towering billboard that hangs proudly in Times Square reads, ” Did you know a 3rd Tower fell on 9/11?” The massive billboard also references that more than 2,000 architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation into the events that took place on September 11, 2001, bringing more information forth to the general public.[1]

The major effort to keep the Times Square billboard up for another month shows the public is itching for a new investigation. Recent polls continue to show that more and more Americans want a new investigation. Countries around the world have spoken out, as well as world leaders pointing out the many open lies and deceptions of the official story.



[1] ReThink911 Raises $25,000 in Three Days to Keep Billboard in Times Square through October –


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