Walmart, Nation’s Largest Retailer, Will Require Customers to Wear Masks

New York Times

In perhaps the strongest statement yet by a major American company about the importance of masks, Walmart said it would require that all of its customers wear face coverings starting next week.

The new rule from the nation’s largest retailer, with more than 5,000 stores nationwide, comes as health officials and scientists point to wearing masks as a way to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But Walmart’s new policy, which goes into effect on Monday, also means the company is wading into the kind of culturally and politically divisive issue that it has a history of avoiding. 

Already, companies like Apple, Best Buy, Costco and Starbucks require customers to wear masks. The retailer Kohl’s said on Wednesday that its customers would be required to wear masks starting Monday, and the grocery chain Kroger announced on Twitter that its customers would, too, starting July 22. But the ubiquity of Walmart stores in parts of the country where masks are unpopular make the giant retailer’s move particularly significant.

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7 thoughts on “Walmart, Nation’s Largest Retailer, Will Require Customers to Wear Masks

  1. One word, Boycott, the china-mart store! Wallyworld is just another player in this scam! Ask yourself, “ Do I really need what they are selling”.? Can you buy it at dollar store or used stuff stores? People need to be thinking about how Americans got by on so little during the great depression. How many clothes do you need? Use hand towels instead of wasting expensive paper products, grow a container garden, pressure can meat, now. Make yourself as self reliant as possible. Get in the depression era mindset, because we are definitely heading down that path.

  2. They have been requiring that at Walmart here in Texas for over a month now. They even have gates and guards at every exit to ensure that the sheep comply before going in. I don’t even go there anymore because I feel like I’m being hauled into a prison yard/concentration camp. The sheeple just go right along with it rather than protest. It’s disgusting.

    I can’t believe I live in such a stupid society.

    1. NC, that has been the most disappointing aspect of all. I did not realize just how many Americans operate in fear and ignorance.

      1. What’s even more stupid and humiliating is seeing people wearing “Don’t Tread on me”, “Don’t Mess with Texas” and “Freedom” shirts as they shop while wearing masks on their faces.

        I wanna punch them in the face.

        Do they even realize just how stupid, weak and two-faced they really are?

        They’re weakening and destroying the whole movement and the elite are laughing at them all the way to bank!

        1. Agree!!!!
          When I moved to Texas (spent a year there) I was shocked when I went to get the state driver’s license and had to be fingerprinted!!!

        2. Ha! NC, that’s hysterical!! If that ain’t a sure sign of insanity, I don’t know what is.

          Don’t tread on me — except when you want to!!


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