Washington College Says It’s Closing Campus for Gun Threat

ABC News

Washington College in Maryland is reporting a campus gun threat and suspending classes temporarily.

The school in Chestertown on the state’s Eastern Shore is urging people on campus to shelter in place Monday morning and is warning faculty and staff not to report to work.  

College spokesman Michael O’Connor says the parents of a sophomore notified the school that the student returned home and retrieved a firearm, but they have been unable to reach him. The college says in a statement posted online that it closed campus as a precaution and authorities are sweeping parking lots and campus buildings.

O’Connor says the student has not been spotted on campus.


3 thoughts on “Washington College Says It’s Closing Campus for Gun Threat

  1. “I taught I saw a gun, I didn’t, I didn’t see a gun!” “Let’s roll” with it anyway! People are dumb, they’ll believe anything we tell them.”

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