Washington Heights ‘Kidnapping’ Was Actually A Birthday Prank, Says NYPD

Nypd Kidnapping PrankFor those in the Trenches who commented on the story, here are some more details. Though it wasn’t meant to be, it sure was a good April Fool’s joke on the NYPD. LOL

Huffington Post

A scheme reportedly using guns and masks to “kidnap” a couple for a friend’s surprise birthday set off a manhunt in New York City this weekend.  

The New York Post reports the prank was inspired by the abduction scene in the film “Old School” starring Will Ferrell.

The joke, however, took a serious turn when alarmed bystanders called 911 after witnessing the couple scream as they were taken away by the “kidnappers,” who it turns out were actually just the couples’ friends, Hamlet Pena and Julian Mann.

Police officials then deployed helicopters and emergency service officers throughout Washington Heights.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Mann told police the abduction was planned as a diversion after the man, identified as Christian Joe, found out about the surprise party, the official said. The other apparent victim, Joe’s girlfriend, was in on the joke. Joe, who had a pillow case placed on his head during the prank, told detectives he immediately recognized his “abductors” voices as being his friends’ and that there was no weapon involved.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “One of participants came home from the party and his mother or someone told him about the hoax. He goes to one of the news sites and sees the films and realize he was involved. He called up [the NYPD] TIPS hotline.”

No charges are expected to be filed because none of the pranksters filed a police report or called 911.


2 thoughts on “Washington Heights ‘Kidnapping’ Was Actually A Birthday Prank, Says NYPD

  1. Ok, so no charges filed. Just how much money was spent on them helicopters then. Maybe those pranksters should be made to pay wages and the cost for the use of those helicopters.

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