Weapons Transport: Converstaion with Semi Driver Discussing Hauling Weapons etc For the Government

Before It’s News

I have known Nelson since I was like 12 yrs old (45 now Ugh). He is a long time friend that knew me before I became umm, “Me”.

I’ve not seen him in probably 15 yrs or more, but we call and stay in touch. Anyway, he drives a Semi for a living and was telling me about weapons etc that he hauls for the Govt. The fact “they” Escort him across the entire country for certain loads is what I found very interesting.  

I told him I recorded the phone call and was going to post it so, no worries there.. He only asked I post his “Good Side” pic.. As if there was one hehe

If you wish to contact Nelson and ask him yourself about this info.. His Nazibook is: https://www.facebook.com/nelson.callaway

Here is the phone call…


7 thoughts on “Weapons Transport: Converstaion with Semi Driver Discussing Hauling Weapons etc For the Government

    1. Yes, we also know about truck loads of cash and weapons being transported by trucks. What is your point exactly?

      1. Rumor has it here in n. Ca. Unknown to most airport personnel “blue helmet” supplies are being flown in. I want to go back to being ignorant. Life was so much simpler.

    2. BIN has some very good to excellent articles.

      You just have to wade through the filler to find them.

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  1. I was out and about today running errands in my town of 25,000-30,000 population and I noticed an increase in police presence in town.

    I also observed two police cruisers, different times of the day, just cruising through my (30 acre) apartment complex. Don’t know what they were looking for but it looked very suspicious to say the least. One of ’em stopped and parked in a handicapped zone and never got out of his cruiser then drove off.

    Strange, strange goings on.
    . . .

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