9 thoughts on “WEF Member Reveals How Global Elites Work with Google to Censor Their Critics

  1. Unbelievable!! Comes right out and says it!! Did she get fired yet?

    So WEF stands for World Economic Forum and we have a member of it saying: “We own the science.” Isn’t this just another way of saying, MONEY HAS TAKEN OVER SCIENCE?!!


    1. What it is actually is Grants the get. For the proper amount of money, they can get the results They desire. Covid 19 proved that beyond a doubt. It’s all about the greenbacks and control over their slaves.

      1. Nothing about her (jewish) upbringing but she sure does tick all the facial features boxes, especially those big long jew ears!

  2. Dr. Robert Malone, 10/4/22:

    “The UN, with its strategic partner the WEF, wants to own more than ‘The Science,’ they want to own and control what is published on the Internet in total. They want to own ‘The Politics,’ ‘The World Agenda’ and ‘The Narrative.'”

    “The United States as a country … cannot let the United Nations and their World Economic Forum strategic partners control what we write and publish, what we get to read, and even what we think.”

    “The United Nations’ global communications representative Melissa Fleming is explicitly stating in this interview that the United Nations and their World Economic Forum partners are intentionally training and creating controlled opposition scientists, physicians, and social media influencers to assist in their global propaganda campaigns managed via partnerships with corporate media and big tech.”


    1. All part of the great ONEness. Look around for how many things are openly going this way now. In New Zealand, just before their hideous PM did her little censorship speech, Vodafone NZ announced that they will be known as “one.nz” from 2023. Go take a look at their new website & see the blatant mesmerizing all-seeing eye symbolism on there along with the slogan-like menu options – “One for you – One for business – One for Aotearoa”! Aotearoa is the maori name for New Zealand. Vodafone is the largest internet & mobile network provider in NZ if I’m not mistaken, with fingers in many pies.


      Oh, and while you’re looking at that a reminder that “communism” from it’s outset always had 2 colors to symbolize the 2 stages – red for its initial national takeovers/setup & now green for (GO!) its global rule completeness/oneness. Alan Watt used to be a constant communicator of this kind of info BITD. If you never really heard any of Alan’s past talks it would be well worth a look back through his vast archives to see just how on the ball & in-depth he was. Start with the memorial article, which I think was linked on The Trenches earlier, then the archives.


  3. Thanks, Ally. Yes, I remember Alan Watt. He sure did pull a lot of layers off the onion for me in the early days of realizing how effed up the world is.

    And on that “oneness” bit… Yep, they’re certainly sellin’ that. When I see the word “oneness,” I read “sameness.” What an attack on the individual!!

    Thinking of this quote by Aristotle:

    “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.”


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