2 thoughts on “Welcome to the U.S.S.A. Comrades!

  1. An important comment:

    Video was okay, BUT one major error —> BIGOTRY. That’s one of the major reason for problems in our world today. Hugo Chavez was a GOOD KIND PERSON WHO CARED FOR THE POOR, NATIVES, AND EUROPEAN inhabitants of Venezuela.

    This problem of racist bigotry is not a good thing. If you think you can remain a racist bigot AND against the NWO / ZOG, you are mistaken.

  2. TG,I watched the video and dont understand your BIGOTRY comment,if being against SLAVERY is bigotry THEN i AM 100% A BIGOT,If being against a race that hates CHRIST is bigotry ,then I am a rabid bigot cause I despise EVERYTHING that this unhuman race of filth has done.If loving the words of FREEDOM written by our founders contained in our declaration and constitution is bigotry then SIGN MY ASS UP.

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