“We’re in a crisis right now” farmers sounding alarm bells

May 13, 2022Farmers are warning of a coming food shortage and are asking the federal government for aid as weather, fuel prices and supply chain issues take a toll on the agriculture business.

3 thoughts on ““We’re in a crisis right now” farmers sounding alarm bells

  1. He’s talking to the president. Guess he doesn’t know about the big bosses, the REALLY BIG BOSSES. Or maybe he does.

    Either way, they’re out to starve us. Iran just implemented digital food-rationing. In Sri Lanka, it’s no fuel, and very pissed off farmers. I just checked the anagram for “Great Reset.” Ha!! It’s TARGETEERS!!


  2. Yeah, they’re pushing inflation through the roof. But hey, today CNN is giving us this news: “US Households Can Now Order 8 More Free Covid Tests From The Government.” Yippee!! And up the nose!! And it’s FREE!!

    Fell like some circus? Here’s both sides goin’ at it. Ah oh, no!! She can’t be reading, can she?!!



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