West Seattle bus robbery surveillance video released

King 5 News – by JOHN LANGELER

SEATTLE — Prosecutors released video Wednesday of a confrontation on a Metro Transit bus between a gun-wielding robber and a rider.  The images show the man react quickly when face-to-face with the pistol, then pull the gun from his hand and begin tackling the suspect.

That suspect, 19-year-old Trevonnte Brown, is charged with two counts of First Degree Robbery and one count of Attempted First Degree Robbery.

As the bus wound through West Seattle November 25th, video shows Brown getting on and rob at least one woman, flashing a gun in her face and taking her cell phone quietly.

Video then shows Brown approach a man sitting immersed in his own cell phone.  As soon as his eyes notice the firearm, he grabs its end, jumps up, rips the gun from the suspects hand and begins throwing punches.

Other riders then help tackle the robber while yelling for police.  Roughly five minutes after Brown is subdued by three men, Seattle Police arrive.

As the group disperses, overheard on the video a witness refers to the quick-thinking rider as a “hero”, adding, “nice work fella”.


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